PB+J Easter Chocolate Treats

It is Easter time and if you are anything like me, you have zero willpower at the supermarket to not buy some easter eggs. Last week while still on my detox I scoffed a bag of mini eggs which has Malteser eggs, mars bar eggs and m&m eggs as well as a few of the… Continue reading PB+J Easter Chocolate Treats


Carrot Sumac Salad

We love Pete Evans cookbooks. They are fill of delicious paleo food that doesn't have to take forever to cook or involve pricey ingredients. He brings us back to basic and how our grandparents would have cooked, using what they had and not wasting any part of the animal or vegetable. This salad is another… Continue reading Carrot Sumac Salad


Mexican Fiesta

I love dinner parties and having all of my friends and family around me enjoying a delicious and tasty meal. My family has always been brought up that catch up's and hangouts always involve food. We take any opportunity to invite the entire family, which is around 30 people, over and have a huge potluck… Continue reading Mexican Fiesta


Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

I don't believe that eating healthy means that food needs to be bland and flavourless. My food plans and recipes are full of natural, homemade ¬†flavours that taste such as good as if you poured the paste out of a sachet from the store. This chermoula pasta is no different. OMG! It's amazing, full of… Continue reading Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

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Nadia Lim’s Prawn Laksa

I love thai and asian based foods. They are full of so many types of flavours and always low in carbs and healthy for the mind, body and soul. Ayurveda believes that there are six flavours within foods; sweet, sour, pungent, astringent, bitter and salty. Each of the flavours provide different nutritional properties to the… Continue reading Nadia Lim’s Prawn Laksa

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Zucchini’s For Every Meal + Recipe

I am obsessed with zucchini's (or courgettes). They are the most amazing vegetable and are so versatile. I never was obsessed with them until I started my low carb diet and I realised you can replace so many high carb foods for them, or eat them alone fried in butter.¬†The main reason a lot of… Continue reading Zucchini’s For Every Meal + Recipe