Natural Ways To Stay Healthy Over Summer

Summer is an amazing time of year. We all feel lighter, happier and tend to eat a lot healthier craving fresh fruit and light foods throughout these months. It's also a great time for detoxing the body and losing weight as we tend to move a lot more throughout these months and shed our winter… Continue reading Natural Ways To Stay Healthy Over Summer


Staying Healthy Over The Silly Season

We are fully into the silly season now with Christmas and New Years only a week away and most workplaces closing for the year in the next week. It's around this time that everyone has dinner parties and afternoon drinks to celebrate each other and our friendships we have formed throughout the year. If you're… Continue reading Staying Healthy Over The Silly Season


Balsamic Baked Strawberries

Strawberries are my favourite thing about summer. I love them, everything about strawberries makes me happy. They always are in season at the start of summer when everything starts to get hot and nearing Christmas time. Strawberries are also juicy, full of flavour and bursting with colour. How can you not be happy when eating… Continue reading Balsamic Baked Strawberries


Sesame Seed Baked Chicken

There is something about fried chicken that makes it the ultimate comfort food. KFC has always been my favourite takeaway, I would choose it over Mc Donald's and Burger King any day. Chicken from KFC just makes everything better; if you are hungover, just broken up with your boyfriend or just having a bad day.… Continue reading Sesame Seed Baked Chicken


Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

I don't believe that eating healthy means that food needs to be bland and flavourless. My food plans and recipes are full of natural, homemade ¬†flavours that taste such as good as if you poured the paste out of a sachet from the store. This chermoula pasta is no different. OMG! It's amazing, full of… Continue reading Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

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August 29th- September 3rd Weekly Breakie Menu

If you are like me and love routine in your life, you end up having the same thing for breakfast and never get over it. Every morning I have eggs for breakfast in some way and I wake up looking forward to my eggs. However, I know there is some people out there who are… Continue reading August 29th- September 3rd Weekly Breakie Menu