Carrot Sumac Salad

We love Pete Evans cookbooks. They are fill of delicious paleo food that doesn't have to take forever to cook or involve pricey ingredients. He brings us back to basic and how our grandparents would have cooked, using what they had and not wasting any part of the animal or vegetable. This salad is another… Continue reading Carrot Sumac Salad


Pomegranate and Bean Sprout Salad

Pomegranates are a great addition to any salad or breakfast. They are low in carbs, anti-inflammatory as well as being full of fibre and antioxidants. This is our favourite salad to make during the warmer evenings, especially topped with a bit of blue cheese. Pomegranate, Bean Sprout Salad 2 cups of rocket 1 cup of… Continue reading Pomegranate and Bean Sprout Salad


Chocolate Peanut Slice

I love peanut butter, well any nut butter I love. There is something about the perfect combination of salty, creamy and sweet that I love. They are also a great source of good quality fats to provide energy to our bodies and helping out body absorb our fat soluble vitamins; A,D,E and K. My cousins… Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Slice

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Summer’s Coming feat Pop’s Burgers

Down in the southern hemisphere you can tell its Spring time and that means Summer is almost here.¬†The days are getting longer and my white legs are coming out to blind everyone. Late this morning my partner and I decided to make the most of a gorgeous spring day and took the dog for a… Continue reading Summer’s Coming feat Pop’s Burgers


Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

I don't believe that eating healthy means that food needs to be bland and flavourless. My food plans and recipes are full of natural, homemade ¬†flavours that taste such as good as if you poured the paste out of a sachet from the store. This chermoula pasta is no different. OMG! It's amazing, full of… Continue reading Nadia Lim’s Chermoula Paste

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August 29th- September 3rd Weekly Breakie Menu

If you are like me and love routine in your life, you end up having the same thing for breakfast and never get over it. Every morning I have eggs for breakfast in some way and I wake up looking forward to my eggs. However, I know there is some people out there who are… Continue reading August 29th- September 3rd Weekly Breakie Menu

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August 22-27th Dinner Meal Plan

Who said diabetic and healthy dinners are boring? My low carb dinner meal plans are full of delicious flavours and spices and all super healthy for everyone to eat. This week I have been so busy with study, it is the end of semester so all my assignments are due. Do you think we will… Continue reading August 22-27th Dinner Meal Plan