Creating Positive Thoughts Around Our Eating Habits.

Over the weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix, mainly because there was no new Riverdale episodes to watch. (Netflix must know that I can only watch it with my partner and he was away this weekend). I ended up watching a documentary called Hungry for Change and it really started to get my thinking… Continue reading Creating Positive Thoughts Around Our Eating Habits.


Finding Balance In My Diet

I have changed my diet for different reasons a variety of times. My first few years of uni, like most students, I put on quite a bit of weight. My diet was filled with takeouts, Mi Goreng noodles, eggs on toast and eating at restaurants (I was lucky that most restaurants in Hamilton have cheap… Continue reading Finding Balance In My Diet


Carrot Sumac Salad

We love Pete Evans cookbooks. They are fill of delicious paleo food that doesn't have to take forever to cook or involve pricey ingredients. He brings us back to basic and how our grandparents would have cooked, using what they had and not wasting any part of the animal or vegetable. This salad is another… Continue reading Carrot Sumac Salad