PB+J Easter Chocolate Treats

It is Easter time and if you are anything like me, you have zero willpower at the supermarket to not buy some easter eggs. Last week while still on my detox I scoffed a bag of mini eggs which has Malteser eggs, mars bar eggs and m&m eggs as well as a few of the… Continue reading PB+J Easter Chocolate Treats


Embracing Autumn

As our days are getting shorter, the weather getting colder and winter just around the way, it is time to switch up our eating and lifestyle habits to suit the colder temperature and the changes going on around us. Ayurveda medicine teaches us that autumn time is a time where our Vata dosha is starting… Continue reading Embracing Autumn


I’m At The Halfway Point.

I'm at the halfway point, I can still see the beginning but I am able to see the top and how short of a distance it is until I reach the end. It's the end of two weeks into my gut healing diet and I am generally feeling good about how it’s going and the… Continue reading I’m At The Halfway Point.


Dairy Free Peach Popsicles

I am ice-cream obsessed. It doesn't matter what the weather I will always have an ice cream. I've cut my ice-cream addiction down to only having it on special occasions, like the start of summer when real fruit ice-creams start being made at the fruit shops or whenever I go to Hamilton and go to… Continue reading Dairy Free Peach Popsicles


Creating Positive Thoughts Around Our Eating Habits.

Over the weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix, mainly because there was no new Riverdale episodes to watch. (Netflix must know that I can only watch it with my partner and he was away this weekend). I ended up watching a documentary called Hungry for Change and it really started to get my thinking… Continue reading Creating Positive Thoughts Around Our Eating Habits.


My Skin Issues Have Never Been This Bad

My skin has never been fresh and pimple or spot free. I have always suffered from a red flush all over my face, oily to combination skin, pimples (especially around my chin and in between my eyebrows) and these little lumps all over my forehead that sometimes become inflamed. When I hit puberty, around the age… Continue reading My Skin Issues Have Never Been This Bad


Why we Need to Include Detoxing in Our Diet.

In today’s modern world we are exposed to many toxins from external and internal sources. The most common external sources of toxins include smoking, pollutions and chemicals in our air, found on our food, in our water and in the wide range of products we use every day from cleaning products to makeup. The most… Continue reading Why we Need to Include Detoxing in Our Diet.


5 Ways To Keep Lunch Interesting

Lunches can be such a bore and such a hassle. It is the last thing on your mind in the morning, especially if you are not a morning person like me, and it’s much easier to pop out for lunch and grab something delicious to brighten up the work day. Unfortunately, this means that it… Continue reading 5 Ways To Keep Lunch Interesting


Why do you have such a big handbag?

Going anywhere since being diagnosed with diabetes is a major hassle. I was never a ‘handbag girl’. (Is that even a thing, like a girl who loves shoes but with handbags). I never owned a handbag or a clutch. If I was going out to lunch or the mall or doing anything all I would… Continue reading Why do you have such a big handbag?