I’m At The Halfway Point.

Enjoying Chicken Bone Broth at Hapi

I’m at the halfway point, I can still see the beginning but I am able to see the top and how short of a distance it is until I reach the end. It’s the end of two weeks into my gut healing diet and I am generally feeling good about how it’s going and the outcome.

I started the gut detox as a way to clean up my gut and the bad bacteria that was causing problems such a folliculitis on my skin and fatigue. I also hoped that it would help with my constipations, bloating and bad smelling flatulence that has been occurring for the last 3 months (maybe more).

It started off with 3 days of bone broth only. Bone broth is where you slow cook bones (I prefer chicken or beef bones) for 12-24 hours. This process draws out all the nutrients of the bones including high levels of collagen and glutamine which are needed for gut healing. It is the perfect gut healing drinking on its own or used as a stock in your favourite soup. I enjoy bone broth, however by the middle of day 2 I couldn’t think of anything worse than having some more plain bone broth for lunch.

I moved onto the next stage early and had yummy soup for dinner, it was probably the best soup I’ve ever eaten. The next 2 weeks has been spent eating a variety of soups using slow cooked meats and vegetables with the bone broths.

After the first three days, I already could notice my skin starting to clear up. There was still pimples around my jawline, chin and neck but they weren’t inflamed anymore. My skin has completely cleared up at the end of week two. There are still scaring marks and the odd pimple popping up with my skin still being oily but my skin is 100x better than it was earlier (It must be if my mum and even partner comment on good my skin is looking).

The soups have not been ‘boring health soup’ and it is still exciting being able to mix up the flavours. I have had such a variety of soups including Thai Pumpkin Soup with Beef Cheeks, Ham Hock Soup, Miso with Chicken Meatballs, and Avgolemono Soup. They have been super easy to make, if you have prepared bone broth in the fridge, and filled with flavour.

I have had to drop my long lasting insulin amount down to 10 units of Lantus a night. Before I was taking 15 units however due to the low carbohydrate foods in the soups and the slow cooking of the foods my bloods have been sitting happily between 5.4-7.4mm0l. During the first few days, I was having quite a few lows, resulting in me dropping my lantus down. I haven’t taken any short term insulin for the meals and only used it when my body is feeling stressed or super tired.

I am still constipated with bloating and even worse flatulence than before. During week two I was able to introduce fermented foods into the detox, but I haven’t. Mainly due to the fact that I have been lazy and haven’t gone out and bought any but also because I like my sauerkraut in my food not by itself on the side. My week three goal is to start having more fermented foods into the detox to help with my bowel movement. I am also going to start having a superfood pudding with coconut yoghurt for breakfast to help add some extra fibre into my diet (when I do go it’s more on the diarrhoea side so fibre is clearly needed to form some stool). Fingers crossed it works.

To be honest moment: I haven’t stuck to the detox completely so I could have made even better improvements in the two weeks. At the start of the detox, I decided I didn’t want the detox to get in the way of still having a social life and enjoying myself as I believe that having a positive outcome will be more beneficial for my gut then resenting everything that I eat. I enjoyed some treats with the girls for The Bachelor first episode, some crackers here and there and even a few bites of chocolate (it’s hard when it’s Easter time to not have chocolate)

I am feeling good, feeling positive and motivated to continue making changes and push through the last two weeks. My cravings and the amount of food I need to satisfy myself has declined over the last few weeks, instead of reaching for a doughnut just a square or two of dark chocolate is able to satisfy me.

The next two weeks are going to be interesting as I slowly introduce more fermented foods and raw foods back into my diet. I definitely know that I will be eating loads of soups, chilli and slow cooked meals for winter.

If you want to know more about my detox and the recipes used check out Pete Evans ‘The Complete Gut Health Cookbook’



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