My Skin Issues Have Never Been This Bad

My skin has never been fresh and pimple or spot free. I have always suffered from a red flush all over my face, oily to combination skin, pimples (especially around my chin and in between my eyebrows) and these little lumps all over my forehead that sometimes become inflamed.

When I hit puberty, around the age of 11, I started to break out as per usual of my friends around that age except my pimped were clustered raised bumps in circles around the outside of each side of my nostril. (I would draw a picture but I cannot draw so hopefully your imagination is working). I got the odd puss-filled pimple but mainly I had these clusters of acne that never went away. Mum and I tried everything, we were living in America at the time and Clearasil was a big thing back then (along with Mary-Kate and Ashley movies). Eventually, after trying every product we could find at the supermarket, they just went away.

Skip forward a few years to high school and I have oily-combination skin. I get pimples like most young adults with hormones flying sky high but nothing out of the ordinary, apart from a super oily T-zone. Up until here, I had still been buying whatever the new fad of skincare I saw on TV that I told mum I must have. I then switched to Clinique and it changed my skin completely but only when I was using it.

I ended up using Clinique skincare until the age of 23 because whenever I wasn’t using Clinique my skin was horrible but when I was using it, it was in a good state. I don’t know what made me stop using Clinique, mum probably told me she wasn’t going to pay for it anymore and being a poor student I couldn’t afford it myself. I was back to buying the next new fad of skincare ranges.

Looking back know with the nutrition knowledge I have, it was silly of me to mask my symptoms of problems occurring in the body with topical chemicals. Clinique is filled with chemicals, along with most other skin care ranges around that I was using, and with that came the yo-yo effect of needing these chemicals for the outer to look good but not fixing the real problems occurring inside my body.

IMG_2026Now I am having a whole different skin problem. I have already posted previously about the little bumps on my forehead and how I was trying to fix them. (You can read it here). The little bumps on my head is my body trying to tell me that I have some congestion in my small intestines and my body is going into an over toxic state, releasing the toxins through my skin.

Along with those small bumps on my forehead, I am also suffering from folliculitis that causes pimples from an infection within the hair follicle. (This is normally what you see on your upper legs or groin from shaving). I went to the doctor and she gave me acne treatment to help clear it. I decided to try it and see what happens. My skin cleared up but when I ran out of antibiotics the pimples came back and worse than before.

My skin is also very oily, the oiliest it has ever been. I have to constantly wash my face with water throughout the day to remove the excess oil. I could grab a tissue right now and wipe oil off my skin.

All of these current skin problems are a sign of gut dysbiosis. I did a hair mineral test (where they test a bit of your hair for food allergies) and the test results confirmed many chronic allergies including staphylococcal bacteria in the body. Chronic allergies are those of short term that occur when your body is an over toxic state and cannot efficiently process these foods. Staphylococcal bacteria can cause folliculitis in the body.

You can imagine how shocked I was that a little hair test told me everything that was wrong in my body causing these horrible skin issues.

My main allergens were dairy, caseins, wheat, oats and sugar. I have been eliminating these from my diet while still maintaining a balanced diet while still enjoying cheese when I wanted to. Unfortunately, my skin has not been able to clear or heal as I am not giving my body enough of a rest period to heal the gut and fix the problem.

For the next four weeks, I will be participating in Pete Evan’s gut healing detox with the hope that after the four weeks not only will my skin be cleared but my other symptoms such as constipation and lack of motivation will be healed.

If you are interested in following the next four weeks and how my body changes, please follow the blog and check out my facebook and Instagram. ( and

Fingers crossed,
Sam X


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