5 Ways To Keep Lunch Interesting

Lunches can be such a bore and such a hassle. It is the last thing on your mind in the morning, especially if you are not a morning person like me, and it’s much easier to pop out for lunch and grab something delicious to brighten up the work day. Unfortunately, this means that it is so easy for those non-nutritious foods to sneak into our day. Most places nearby works are filled with bakery foods or yummy salads for $15 dollars that we could easily make at home for half the price.

With nothing planned the world is our oyster when it comes to deciding what we want for lunch, we can get anything we want, and even though we try to choose nourishing foods we always end up with a little (or a big treat) to join us for lunch. It happens to me every time, I love popping into Albnion Canteen in Napier CBD to grab one of their delicious salads on my way home from work and every time the doughnuts tease me and before I know it I have brought on and stuffing my face with it on the car ride home.

There is definitely nothing wrong with stuffing our face with a doughnut every now and then, but once it starts occurring most lunch times it starts to become a problem on our health. These are my top 5 tips to being prepared for lunch and preventing going out for lunches on a daily basis:

  1. Leftovers! Who honestly doesn’t love leftovers? (Well actually I didn’t up until I moved out of home and was too poor to afford not to love leftovers). There is something about heating up last nights dinner and the flavours sitting for a while longer that make it taste 50x better than it did the night before. Make extra at dinner time, whatever it is your cooking, and in your half asleep state in the morning just grab the container out of the fridge and head to work.
  2. Make your lunch the night before! It sounds like a chore especially when there is plenty of Married At First Sight to watch on TV but packing your lunch the night before saves plenty of time in the morning and less thinking in the morning.
  3. Buy a cool lunchbox! Gone are the days when fun, quirky lunch boxes are for kids only. There are such awesome lunchboxes around at the moment that can motivate you to want to take your lunch to work and show it off to everyone. It’s just like buying new active wear to motivate yourself to get active.
  4. Sunday Prepday! I know, this sounds like something only ‘gym goers’ do but it can make such a difference to your week and especially to your lunches. On a Sunday I love to make up a big batch of coleslaw, to ensure I always have a salad to take to lunch, and some form of quiche that I can quickly pop with some salad and heat up at work. (Try this zucchini slice, its delicious)
  5. Stash something at work! If you are lucky enough to have a fridge or some cupboards at work, keep something there (with a sticky note and your name on it of course) for those days when you really did forget your lunch. On a side note, my dad loves to leave his salad dressings in the work fridge so that he always has a choice on what dressing he wants that day and he doesn’t have to worry about his salad going soggy throughout the day.

What are your tops to stay healthy at lunch time?

Love always,




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