Why do you have such a big handbag?

Going anywhere since being diagnosed with diabetes is a major hassle. I was never a ‘handbag girl’. (Is that even a thing, like a girl who loves shoes but with handbags). I never owned a handbag or a clutch. If I was going out to lunch or the mall or doing anything all I would need to take with me was my phone and my wallet. When I was heading out drinking, everything went in my bra.

Now that I have diabetes there is extra stuff that needs to be carried at all time for the just in case moments. Naturally, I used this as an excuse to purchase a good decent handbag that would last me, so I brought a status anxiety bag, and it now comes with me everywhere.

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I know what you are thinking, seriously there cannot be that much stuff you need to carry that even popping out to the supermarket. Here is a list of everything I need to keep on me at all times:
– Blood glucose monitor + glucose strips
–  Short lasting insulin pen (Novarapid)
– Spare needles
– Sugar for when a low blood sugar occurs (My favourite to keep at the moment is mentos)
– Carbohydrate-enriched snack for a low blood sugar (Crackers or muesli bar)
Glucagon kit

My glucose monitor and glucose strips are in one wallet and the insulin pen and spare needles are in another pen wallet. The sugar treat and carbohydrates are in my bag at all times along with my glucagon pen. If I am going out at night time, past 9 pm, I need to make sure I also have my long lasting insulin pen with me as well.

You never know what is going to happen with your blood sugar levels or how long you are going to be out. At any time my blood sugar levels could go low in which case I need the sugar and carbohydrates to boost me back up and maintain a normal blood sugar level. The same problem can occur if my blood sugars decide to run high from heat, stress or I’ve eaten something and haven’t calculated my carbs correctly.

img_1927I have forgotten my wee kit a few times. I am lucky I have got a myabetic wallet, which looks like a nice normal wallet but the inside it all set out to hold everything I need so I can pop out with just that wallet when going to the supermarket or something quick or use it as a clutch when I need to at night time.

I’m naughty and I don’t take my supplies with me when I go on my dog walks only because I really don’t want to wear a fanny pack. I’ve only been caught out once and luckily I was walking past a supermarket so I could pop in and buy an apple but most of the time I check my levels before my walk and make sure they are at a good stable level before I leave.

It can be such a mission being a type 1 diabetic sometimes but at least it gives me an excuse to buy amazing handbags.



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