Truthful and Honest.

Ask any of my friends or family and they will tell you, I am the biggest overthinker you will probably ever meet. I overthink absolutely everything and can never make a decision, especially when it comes to what I want to eat or wear or purchase. It is probably my worst quality and it’s something that I am aware of but I have never been able to change it.

These also means I overthink everything that I write in my blog posts and put on social media. It takes me so long to figure out the right filter to put on Instagram or do I even filter it. I also have two amazing friends that sit up with me late nights reading through my blog posts and ideas before they get published because I think something is “not quite right” even though it’s perfect and most of the time they tell me to shut up and post it already.

In a way to be truer and more real, I’m going to learn to not overthink and go with it when it comes to the blog. (Sorry everyone, I can’t promise I’ll get any better at deciding what food to eat). I’m going to start writing what I feel and when I feel it, it may mean I’ve had a terrible eating day and want to vent or my next blog post could be that I am stoked to have had some psyllium husk for breakfast and I have started pooing properly.

I want the blog to be relatable and for you to follow along with my journey and learn from the plenty of ups and downs I have. I may be studying holistic nutrition and know a few things about food but that doesn’t mean that at one point I wasn’t obsessed with the gym and getting toned and having immaculate skin and trying every skin care and diet around to try and look a certain way.

I want to be able to share every up and down I have had and still currently having with you and all my secret tips and tricks to living a happier and healthier lifestyle, whatever that means for you.

I’m finally starting to be motivated again and I cannot wait to share my experiences with everyone and hopefully help one or two of you.

Love a very motivated,


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