The Calm Within The Crazy


The Issue:

Many of us live our lives ruminating about the past and worrying about the future, which makes us feel anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted.

The Goal:

To become calm and present in our everyday lives with the use of mindfulness.

You may be thinking what is mindfulness? Isn’t that when you don’t think about anything for a certain amount of time and are completely zen?… That’s not entirely true.

About two years ago during my major depressive episode I experienced the beautiful practice of mindfulness, which I have continued through to today and will do so for the rest of my life. Between mindfulness training and yoga, my life has had an amazing transformation. Prior to practicing mindfulness I was a complete worry wart, almost always stressed about something, which caused major anxiety and cortisol levels through the roof. Now, since practicing, I enjoy the small things in life, I am more aware of my surroundings and I feel calm and focused.

Mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencing while you are experiencing it.

The Solution: If you would like to become more present in your everyday life try the following as they are all beautiful ways to have a little more ‘you’ time so you can be the very best version of yourself. It can be as simple as,

  • Nourishing your body. If we eat well, we’ll be well… Things to keep in mind while trying to be a mindful eater,
  1. Take a break while you are having a meal. Sit at the table and notice what you are eating. Eat slowly and enjoy every single mouthful.
  2. Cook from scratch. Grow your own vegetables and herbs for deliciously fresh salads from the garden to the dinner table. Use herbs and spices to create your own pastes and dressings. You can keep it simple or get creative, either way I can assure you the food will be tastier and so much better for you without all of the processed nasties.
  • Making a daisy chain while taking note of your surroundings. The trees swaying in the wind, the birds chirping and so on. George Harrison says “Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature”, as it’s a wonderful shortcut to serenity.

  • Practicing yoga daily. This connects the body and mind through breath and movement, tuning in to the sensations within our bodies as we move without any judgement or expectation. We are all at different stages in life, we must accept that where ever our bodies are today, tomorrow, whenever is just fine.

  • Taking a walk down the beach and just watch to the waves coming and going as if they’re your thoughts, just notice them and let them go. Watching water is so incredibly calming.

  • Taking a mindful bath after a busy day. As mentioned above, listening to the water as the bath fills is enough to enjoy a moment of calm but if you want a little more light a candle and add some Wiki Skincare epsom salts and essential oils.

Once you start including mindfulness into your everyday life you will begin noticing more and more changes within yourself, mentally and physically. Some of the likely changes are, having more energy, better sleeps, sharper focus, greater motivation and positivity, less stressed and better relationships.

Just pop aside ten minutes per day to practice, whether it by listening to the waves or having a cup of tea in your favourite spot ~ thinking of nothing other than what you are doing right there in that moment.

Living in the now is pure happiness ~ trust me!

All the best on your journey,




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