Getting Back Into Routine

img_2387We are all normal and we all relax our diets over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, even we do. Our dietary choices become more 60-40 rather than our usual 80-20. However, the problems start once we get back into work and need a lot more energy than we need to sit on the beach and tan. We start to feel tired, unmotivated and guilty about our food choices over the past couple of weeks and we plan ways to get back to our usual eating habits.

Don’t feel guilty, if you are anything like us you enjoyed every bite of food over the last couple of weeks. Instead use it as motivation to slowly get back to normal and feeling energised.

The best advice we can give to start getting back into your regular eating is to take it slowly and try not to take on too much. Once we start expecting too much from ourselves and making goals that are out of our reach we tend to give up and not want to try because it is too hard. Its great to have goals but these need to be achievable.

Start slowly by introducing foods or removing foods one by one. There is no point going cold turkey and decide to cut everything from your diet or introduce a lot of one particular type of food such as sauerkraut. Our body can go into shock and you will go through detox symptoms such as headaches, moodiness and fatigue. Take it slow, day by day or week by week, whichever is more achievable to you.

While your getting back to your routine make sure you listen to your body constantly. Your body will tell you in one way or another if it is enjoying what food you are putting in your body. If your body is happy with the food you will feel energized and satisfied after eating. If your body is not happy their are various symptoms that can occur. Short term symptoms will include fatigue, bloating, and gas. Long term symptoms include digestive problems, dripping nose or acne and other skin conditions. img_1537

Each of these quick, easy steps will help bring you back to our routine:

  • Prepare home cooked meals
  • Have yummy slow cooked meals that your gut will love you for
  • Introduce a vegetarian meal once a week to rest your digestive system.   
  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise first thing as this will set you up for the day
  • Make sure you are having 8 hours + of sleep a night.
  • Set short term + long term goals

Enjoy listening to your body and getting back into routine with your eating. Take it easy on yourself and appreciate every small accomplishment.


Sam and Becs.



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