A Lazy Diabetic

During last summer I had perfect control of my blood sugar levels. My blood sugars were stable between 4 and 7 mmOl daily and I was having hardly any lows or highs throughout my week. I felt normal again and like I did not have type 1 diabetes.

My stable blood sugar line was due to being really good, or some would say strict, on my low carbohydrate diet. I was eating roughly 50-60g of carbohydrates a day. I didn’t crave anything last summer and was in the best shape both mentally and physically.

I was so happy with myself, my hba1c (three monthly average blood sugar reading) was 46 and I was doing really well. However, medical professionals tried to tell me that I was being too strict with myself and that I was not able to maintain this type of diet and control on my blood sugars. I am only human and unfortunately I started to listen to them.

I decided that I needed some more balance in my life and to not be as strict as they said I was being. Over winter I started to eat increase more carbohydrates into my diet such as kumara, pumpkin and root vegetables. Coming into summer I was not in the best shape mentally and physically, I was having plenty of highs and lows throughout my week and I had lost my nice straight normal blood sugar line that I loved so much.

This summer I became what I would call a lazy diabetic. Hours, even a day, would go by where I wouldn’t check my blood sugar levels. I didn’t carb count, instead, I just guessed, and a lot of the time I wouldn’t bother carb counting and deal with the high after eating carbohydrates. I have no control over my blood sugar line, it is all over the place, and it is starting to take a toll on my body.

I am super constipated with bad gut dysbiosis currently that is showing through folliculitis on my back, chin and neck currently. I am moody and generally feel down about myself for being back at the start before my diagnosis again.

It’s time I listened to what works for myself and for my body. Being strict over my blood sugar levels, how often I check my blood sugar and my diet allows me to be able to be in control of what’s going on in my body and prevent problems from occurring later on.

It’s back to checking my blood sugars every two hours and tracking my food and carb counting everything I eat. Back to having control over my diabetes rather than letting diabetes control me.

Love, Sam

4 thoughts on “A Lazy Diabetic”

  1. So sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I can relate to this a lot. I have the same experience of starting not to feel very good when trying to add more carbs into my diet (just different types of healthy veggies, it’s not like I try to eat sweets and junk food or super high GI carbs like breads and pastas). The sad part is that these are still healthy foods, but our bodies just don’t tolerate too many carbs very well sadly. Some people seem to tolerate more carbs just fine, but I know that’s not the case for me, unfortunately. I hope you start feeling better soon. It is so difficult. Hugs!

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    1. Thanks lovely. It’s so crazy how our bodies just cannot tolerate and digest carbs properly, but I’m glad I’ve gotten to a point where I have realised this and can listen to my body. I’ve been super good back on low carb for a couple of days now and already feeling so much better yaaaay x


  2. I’ve been having issues for awhile. You could say I just want diabetes to be a ghost and be able to pretend it’s not there. Yet, we cannot do that! I’m trying to get back in the swing of things as well. You got this!

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