Natural Ways To Stay Healthy Over Summer

Summer is an amazing time of year. We all feel lighter, happier and tend to eat a lot healthier craving fresh fruit and light foods throughout these months. It’s also a great time for detoxing the body and losing weight as we tend to move a lot more throughout these months and shed our winter warming weight.

Problems that can occur in summer is our pitta imbalances, these include sunburn, acne, bowel problems and exhaustion can occur especially when outdoors in the heat and sun for a long period of time. This is why it is super important to stay healthy during the summer and protect yourself from the sun, especially if you are in Hawkes Bay like us.


The sun’s ray are the best way of our bodies getting and absorbing Vitamin D, which is important for calcium absorption, healthy bones, vitamin C absorption and those good happy feelings. Take a stroll in the sun early morning or late in the evening. Even a 15-minute walk will get your daily amount of Vitamin D needed without risking heat exhaustion or getting sunburnt when the sun is at its hottest, between 11-3 most days.

Staying hydrated is even more important throughout the summer months to keep the skin healthy and happy but also to cool down the body. When the body is hot we sweat to release the heat from inside our body to the outside and to cool the skin down. This occurs rapidly and a lot more during the summer months when the weather is hotter. Always keep a water bottle with you, we love the Queen of the Foxes glass bottles or Swell titanium bottles. If you find water boring add some fruit, herbs or sugar-free flavouring to your water to spice it up.

As well as keeping your body and insides hydrated, make sure you also keep your skin hydrated and moisturise daily, especially if you are out swimming a lot with saltwater or chlorine.

Eat a wide range of cooling food to help keep the body and pitta balanced with the hot weather. Yummy cooling foods include leafy greens, cucumber, coconut, melon, yoghurt, milk, ghee, cilantro, parsley and alfalfa sprouts. Try to avoid hot congestive foods such as hot spices, hot drinks, chillies, and spicy foods.

Sunscreen is so important in New Zealand, our sun is dangerous and can affect us even if we are out in the sun for 10 minutes on an overcast day. Protecting our skin from sun damage and skin cancers is really important. We love using natural skincare products wherever we can and our sunscreen is no different.

Skinnies sunscreen is free from nasties, non-greasy and SPF30 and lasts for 80 minutes when wet. It’s also a locally made product with environmental goals in sight. The best thing about skinnies sunscreen, it contains less water than regular sunscreen meaning a little bit goes a long way. A pea size amount is enough to cover your face, ears and neck. You can purchase it online at

EcoTan is most commonly known for their amazing fake tan. They offer professional or DIY fake tan that is basically fool proof! They have recently brought out a coconut natural sunscreen which is SPF30 and smells amazing. Make sure you don’t have dry skin as it doesn’t moisturise as well, but it sinks in a lot faster than any other natural sunscreen we have tried. You can find EcoTan on along with the rest of the EcoTan range including their wicked smelling natural deodorant.

Soleo Sunscreen is from Australia and are the leading natural sunscreen company around the world. Their sunscreen is free from all chemicals and nasties and can protect the skin from both UV-A and UV-B Rays. This sunscreen is easy to rub in and soaks in straight away. It is also filled with Vitamin E and Botanical extracts to help protect your skin even further. You can purchase their sunscreens from

Keep the sun smart and healthy over summer. Don’t forget to pack your beach bag with your favourite water bottle, natural sunscreen and a nice big floppy hat.



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