Staying Healthy Over The Silly Season

We are fully into the silly season now with Christmas and New Years only a week away and most workplaces closing for the year in the next week.

It’s around this time that everyone has dinner parties and afternoon drinks to celebrate each other and our friendships we have formed throughout the year.

If you’re anything like us the past couple of weeks has been filled with busy work schedule and a busy social life sitting in the sun drinking a few too many wines and enjoying a lot of platters. These are our tips to help you survive and stay healthy over the next couple of weeks.

  1. Love your liver! Your liver is the main organ involved in detoxifying the body and we overload it with nasties during this time of year like alcohol, carbs, caffeine, bad fats etc. Taking extra care of our liver will help our bodies detox the nasties and remove the more efficiently. Drink loads of water and eat heaps of broccoli, dark green leafy veggies, beetroot, lemon, apple cider vinegar and turmeric.
  2. B vitamins! These groups of vitamins are amazing and work together in the body to help with a wide range of processes such as energy metabolism, detox, elimination, hormonal issues and blood sugar imbalances. These are awesome especially if you are heavily drinking one night and don’t want a hangover in the morning: before sleep have a glass of water and a b vitamin capsule and again when you wake up and you will be feeling as amazing as you can after a big night.
  3. Have a low carb high fat meal or snack before heading out, especially if your party involves nibbles. If you are anything like us you tend to eat anything if it is put in front of you. Eating something low carb and high fat before heading out will satisfy your body and keep you satisfied throughout the night so that you don’t over indulge.
  4. Avoid high sugar beverages such as cocktails or sweet pre-mixers was otherwise known as lollie drinks from our mum’s. We prefer to drink wine or cider as the fermentation process allows most of the sugar to be evaporated and the fruits used offer some nutrients to the beverage. We are lucky enough to live in Hawkes Bay which is filled with plenty of wineries to choose from as well as the home to our favourite Three Wise Birds Cider.
  5. Chromium is the main mineral that controls our blood sugar levels. If you are noticing you are starting to crave sugars around this time of year, either take a supplement to help or eat foods that are high in chromium such as egg yolk, beef and cheese.
  6. Enjoy yourself! Live your life in balance. We are very big believers in not depriving our bodies of anything and instead allowing ourselves to have whatever we want in balance and being mindful of our eating. Enjoy that slice of pavlova for Christmas dinner and then go for a nice walk in the sun the next day.



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