Christmas Gift Ideas

We love finding the perfect gift for someone, something that shows how well you know them and how much you appreciate them. We secretly pride ourselves on being the best gift givers ever. This is our Christmas gift list so you can buy the health and wellbeing person in your life the perfect person, or maybe treat yourself!

  1. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have recently started to become popular but they are such a good idea for those who love to try new health products. You can purchase a 1 off month subscription to get delivered to your recipient or splash out and get them a 3 or 6-month subscription for an ongoing present. Our favourites are I Am Co. and the Good Grazing Box.

  1. DIY Nut Mylk and Sprout Kits

If you are buying for a health nut, like ourselves, they have definitely mentioned that they have wanted to try sprout or make their own nut mylk at some point. An amazing product put together by Gather Girl and The Green Collevtive to allow anyone to start living a healthier lifestyle.  These gorgeous packs give you everything needed to make either your own nut mylk or start sprouting. You can purchase them from

  1. Ruby Chai and Black Chai

Delicious, caffeine free chai concentrate syrup with black and rooibos tea to add to any hot or cold beverage. They are dairy free, gluten free, free from refined sugars, vegan and organic. The perfect fit for anyone. You can purchase them on


  1. Make your own dry mix jar.

These are all over Pinterest but they do make the best gift. Find your favourite baking recipe and in a jar place all the dry ingredients needed. On a piece of brown card write out the recipe and what wet ingredients they need to add and tie it around the jar with some twine and you are done. An awesome homemade and inexpensive gift. You could also fill jars with bath salts and gift them.  P.S. We love adding our Noneedforscales Low Carb Crackers to jars. 

  1. Mother Fudge

A little something for the person who has a bit of a sweet tooth. Delicious homemade, gluten free, bite size fudge featuring Peanut Butter, Mocha Almond and even Chocolate Mint flavour. You can find these at the Takapuna markets or order online. For more information follow them on Instagram @motherfudgenz



  1. Wiki Skincare Bath Salts

These bath salts are gorgeous not only filled with magnesium to help detox the body but also a wide range of other natural ingredients to help detox, heal and treat the body. I cannot decide between my favourites, they all have great natural properties to help the body and smell amazing. You can purchase these along with her wide range of skincare and nutritional products from


  1. Water Bottle

We all know the importance of drinking water and how much easier it is to keep up our water intake when we have a wicked drink bottle to carry around everywhere with us. The Queen of the Foxes drink bottles are 750ml glass bottles that come in various colours, and they manage to keep your water cold during this hot weather. You can purchase these from (my favourite colours are navy, pink, grey and khaki). You could also purchase a Swell drink bottle from, these stainless steel bottles are able to keep your drink warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, and they hold an entire bottle of wine. Perfect to take on your picnics over summer.

  1. Blooming Yogini Yoga Mat

Blooming Yogini mats are gorgeous and eco-friendly. They are made locally here in New Zealand from biodegradable foam, free from PVC, latex phthalates and heavy metals. Each mat is beautifully designed with meanings behind each mat to help inspire your inner yogi practice, inspire your soul and express your individuality. The perfect gift for any yogi friend. You can purchase these from


  1. Body Scrub and Soy Candles by Gure Botanicals

Gure Botanicals is another locally made product that smells AMAZING! These candles are the perfect gift for anyone as they smell delicious and look great in their minimalistic style glass jar. The body scrubs smell just as amazing as the candles but are made from all natural products and are great for exfoliating and leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. You can purchase their range of face and body scrubs from


  1. Lindi Kingi Friendship Bracelet

Do you remember friendship bracelets and necklaces? Especially buying the heart saying best friends forever and keeping one half and giving the other to your best friend. We used to love these as children, was such an awesome little way to show how much we love and appreciate one another. Lets bring this trend back! Lindi Kingi makes amazing bracelets in various colours that you can purchase and share amongst your friend group. A awesome way to connect yourselves and your spirits to one other when you can’t be their physically. You can purchase these from


The thought behind the gift always means more than the gift itself. Don’t stress about buying the biggest and newest thing out there, we are all happy with something small and being able to spend time with each other.

Sam and Becs



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