Summer Road Trips

13001323_10154161208314204_6155942623338077257_nSummer is full of road trips all over the country whether it’s with friends heading off to RnV or with family to the regular batch for some much needed ‘rnr’. Our favourite thing about summer is pumping shapeshifter in the car, windows down and singing as loud as possible with your friends.

The best thing about roadies though is the road trip snacks. You just cannot travel anywhere without being stocked up on snacks and drinks to get you through, especially if you’re like us and can get very hangry if you don’t eat. Normally road trip snacks means chocolate, a bag of pick n mix and plenty of potato chips and shapes, especially cheese and bacon shapes, and leaves you feeling disgusting when you finally reach your destination needing a quick power nap before opening the wine.

Staying healthy during the summer is a must as the hot weather, sun and drinking can really deprive our bodies of nutrients. It is also probably one of the hardest times to stay healthy as all routine goes out the window. These are our favourite road trip snacks that come will be with us on our summer roadies:

    1. Chopped up fresh fruit and berries. Best roadie snack ever as they are full of water to keep us hydrated, filled with nutrients and taste amazing!
    2. Bliss Balls. These are a awesome snack to take with your at any time of the year. They are small enough to keep in your handbag but fill of nutrients, protein and good fats to give you energy. Make your own or purchase Tom and Luke’s bliss balls from your local supermarket, our favourite flavour is salted caramel.
    3. Noneedforscales seed crackers. Tasty enough by themselves or bring along a dip and use them on your cheese platter once your get to your destination. You can find the recipe here
    4. Mixed Nuts. Purchase these from the Alison’s Pantry selection at your local supermarket. If you buy a raw unflavoured bag of nuts you can toast them at home and add whichever flavours your like. We love to toast ours in butter, curry powder and beef stock.
    5. Serious Popcorn. Probably the best popcorn we haveProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset ever tried. It is low in carbohydrates, gluten free and popped ethically in coconut oil! Talk about sustainable snacking.
    6. Vernedi Paleo Crackers. You can purchase these at your local health food store or Bin Inn. The
      y taste like gingerbread on their own but pair awesomely with some guac and smoked salmon!

Enjoy your summer in balance. Enjoy a glass or more of rose and then have some time to yourself for yoga in the sun and a gorgeous breakfast filled with proteins, fats and nutrients.



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