Day 2 Diabetes Awareness Month: Memories

I have so many memories from before and after getting diagnosed. The most prominent memory is probably Day 1. The scary day that I got the phone call from Diabetes Waikato asking if I could please head into the hospital, the emergency department is expecting me. It’s the day that my life changed forever.

Since that day I have had to check my blood sugar levels every 2-3 hours, inject myself with long lasting insulin every night, inject myself with short lasting insulin if my sugar levels are high or I want to eat some carbs, constantly worry about my blood sugar levels, count the carbs in my meal before I eat, check my blood sugar levels before eating anything, check my blood sugars during the night, make sure I take my insulin and diabetes kit everywhere with me, learn to enjoy life while having this condition.

Since that day I have also learnt more about my body then I would have ever known before, never been happier within myself, stripped myself of negativity and negative people, surrounded myself with a positive vibe and supportive people, gained a amazing group of friends that I have met with diabetes, not had weight problems, and generally been happier and healthier then ever before.

You can read more about the day I got diagnosed Here: Type 1 Day 1.


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