Auckland Foodie Adventure

My partner was fighting in Timaru over the weekend and needed a ride to and from Auckland airport and all I could think was what better excuse to have a girls foodie weekend with Ceri. 

Really any excuse to try out a new cafe or a new food I will use but this time I had a real reason to spend the weekend in Auckland. 

Friday came around and of course my diabetes decided it was the best time to play up and go super low. After taking some pain killers for my migraine and eating an entire pack of mentos and some Bircher muesli, my low was gone and I was finally ready to drive my partner and the rest of the boys to the airport. I had a list of cafes and places to visit thanks to everyone on Instagram so I was super prepared for the most efficient food research. 

Ceri had to work on Friday so I ventured out alone, facing the Auckland traffic and hoping Google Maps was able to tell me where to go. First stop was Kokako in Grey Lynn. Wow, the place and atmosphere was gorgeous, was awesome being able to sit amongst some flowers and enjoy the sun streaming in. 

I had the chopped avocado on toast, minus the toast. My meal was fresh and full of flavour for a basic dish and I definitely didn’t feel like I was missing the bread. Coffee was delicious, and I could have happily sat there for most of the afternoon ordering more coffees and sweet treats. 

Unfortunately I had to leave and pop off to Ponsonby to get some raw treats for dessert. Little Birds is the place to go in Auckland for raw treats, the Unbakery is filled of everything raw and is one of the first unbakeries in New Zealand. I got a cookies n cream slice to takeaway and a matcha latte. 

The matcha latte was not for me, it tasted like really strong seaweed and I could barely handle the smell let alone the taste. My cookies n cream slice was however, AMAZING! You would not be able to tell it was a raw, healthy treat. It had the perfect amount of sweet to texture. The only thing that let me down about Little Bird was the atmosphere and staff made me feel a tad out of place, they were a tad snobby and treated me as if I shouldn’t be in a Unbakery. I’m glad I got it all to takeaway and enjoyed the slice in the comfort of my track pants. 

I also popped into The Raw Kitchen for some raw treats to takeaway. The cafe was super cute with a wide range of treats and takeaway salads, wraps and juices. I was over the moon to see they had the Well and Good activated charcoal water that I could finally try. For dessert I got the raw tiramisu cake and a snickers bar. 

I can officially say I’m addicted to activated charcoal water and will have to do a seperate post on the benefits of charcoal. I found the tiramisu cake a bit gelatinous, it had a strange jelly like texture with not a huge flavour. The snickers bar slice had a lot of flavour and tasted exactly like a snickers bar, it was even covered completely in chocolate. 

Ceri finally finished work and we had takeaway Mexican with our raw treats while watching girly movies on the couch getting prepared for day 2. 

After a day of eating my blood sugars were suprisingly stable apart from the high (10.8mmOl) after the raw treats. The raw treats had dates, coconut nectar and agave syrup so this slight increase could have been avoided with some insulin taken before eating (I was being a lazy diabetic).

I had to prepare myself for day 2. We had homemade coffee with coconut oil, which was strangely delicious and still creamy as if there was milk in the coffee. After coffee and some apple cider vinegar we headed of to Cereal Killa Cafe. 

This cafe is well known on Instagram for their milkshakes with all the extras on top. My diabetes was not getting in the way of experiencing one of these milkshakes, so I injected with 6units of insulin and hoped for the best. 

I got the strawberry shake topped with whipped cream, cookie and candy floss while Ceri got the caramel shake topped with whipped cream, caramel popcorn and waffle sticks. These shakes look amazing and are super filling, definitely don’t need to get food as well. My shake was delicious and so fun to eat, a wicked foodie experience and one the your kids would love. 

My guess was correct, which is always a win for the day in itself. My blood sugars were 6.8mmOl before my shake and 4.5mmOl two hours later. 

We then made the most of another sunny day and took a stroll up Mt Eden before going back to The Raw Kitchen for some more activated charcoal water and bruschetta! 

By Sunday morning I was full of raw and healthy foods but had one last stop to go before picking up my partner from the airport. Ceri ditched me again, having to head off to her pageant rehearsals so I ventured out alone to Monday Wholefoods in Kinsgland. 

I’ve come here a few times before with my sister and have enjoyed it every time. It’s always a must visit when going to Auckland and it gets better and better every time. The courtyard is gorgeous with a awesome rustic and wholesome feel. I loved my dandelion caramel latte, and easily have one every day! 

Auckland is a awesome foodie place which such a wide range of food available from raw healthy food  to delicious Asian cuisine and everything in between. I’m definitely getting a new list of places to visit for my next trip to Auckland, now I just need to find a new excuse to visit. 



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