Give me more test strips!

Isn’t it the most frustrating thing when even your doctor doesn’t understand type 1 diabetes and the demands on checking your blood sugar levels.

IMG_0307My regular doctor is amazing. I pop in and see him every three months to get my A1C checked, full blood count done and a stock up on supplies for the next three months. He always over stocks me to make sure I’ve got everything I need and don’t have to come in again.

He always stocks me up with; 4mm needles, blood glucose strips, lantus insulin cartridges, novorapid insulin cartridges, and ketone testing strips.

These supplies are a must need and I use them every day. I need both of the insulins to stay alive and not go into ketoacidosis or scarier yet a coma, I also need the blood glucose strips to ensure I’m dosing the right amount of insulin and check if my blood sugars are high, low or normal.  I freak out if I start to get low on stock (Im a bit of a diabetic freak when it comes to supplies and checking my blood sugar levels). I don’t know what would happen if I completely ran out and had to run to the pharmacy quickly or not test.

So you can imagine my face when the pharmacist handed me three 50 packs of glucose strips to last me three months. I politely asked how long these were suppose to last me and if I had any repeats. She explained that this is all the temp doctor has prescribed me for and I only had repeats for both of my insulins.

OMG!! I could feel the rage burning through my body, starting from my feet and ending in my face. I probably looked like those cartoons with steam coming out from both ears.

150 glucose testing strips to last me three months !!!!

I currently test my blood sugar levels around 7-8 times a day. This includes upon waking, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before afternoon snack, before afternoon snack, before dinner, after dinner, and before bed. Some of these testing times can overlap for example an after breakfast test may be a before lunch test depending on when I eat lunch. It doesn’t include needing to test before and after exercise or I’m just feeling a bit bleh.

You can see why I was so shocked that they thought I could do with 150 strips for three months. I go through a box of 50 strips in a week. This would only leave me with 3 weeks of testing being covered and then paying to go and see the doctor again to get another prescription.

Thankfully the pharmacist was super understanding, she’s the one I usually see and she’s super nice asking how I’m liking each of the products when I try something IMG_0306-1new etc. I explained how many strips I need (after already explaining this to the temp doctor). She happily rang the doctor and changed the prescription to suit my needs.
I came away from the pharmacy happy with four 50 strip boxes and two repeats of the prescription for the glucose strips and both insulins. It’s so frustrating how so many do not understand the demands of needing to check your blood sugar levels and how often this needs to be done, but I am so thankful that the pharmacist understood and changed it for me.

Has anyone else had a doctor prescribe not enough of your diabetic supplies?




3 thoughts on “Give me more test strips!”

  1. When I changed GPs six years ago I had a few run-ins with the surgery because they wouldn’t give me enough strips. My current prescription covers roughly four strips a day, but I’d happily do eight tests a day if I could.


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