Chakra Balancing and Type 1

My family has always been a bit woo-woo with our spirituality. Everyone in the family gets their tarot cards read, we have all had ghost experiences and we all see a medium, so it’s not surprising that I have been looking into a lot more spiritual “woo-woo” aspects of life including chakra balancing.

Chakra Balancing is basically the movement of energy through your seven major chakras to prevent build up and blockage of each of the chakras. Each chakra controls a different part of the our mind, body, and soul and a blockage of one of these can cause mental, emotional and physical challenges for us.

Since reading about chakra balancing in Emma Mildons book ‘The Soul Searchers Handbook’ it has been something I have been interested in doing. I definitely believe that there is a vibrational energy that can cause our mind, body and soul to feel off balanced. Like those days when you feel something is not quite right but you can’t pin point whats different.

I was super close to cancelling yesterday thinking I was a nutter for wanting to get it done. What if she was a con artist and I was about to pay her $60 to wave some incense over my body while I lay there. I manned up and made my cousin come with me so I couldn’t chicken out.

large-10At first she explained what chakra balancing is and where she studied and her experience with vibrational medicine and energy. This made me feel much more comfortable that she has actually studied this type of alternate medicine and not just “Oh I have just always had this intuition”.

To start of with she uses her pendulum to check in with all seven major chakras, front and back, to get an idea of which ones are blocked and not widely open to energy. Since getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes had made such a huge impact on all aspects of my life we decided to concentrate on how my chakras were balanced in relation to diabetes, rather then other aspects of my life.

During this check in she found that my second, third, fifth, and seventh chakras were imbalances and not free flowing with energy. However, I am very grounded to the earth and have open mind and heart chakras. (Pretty positive I thought).

The second step is to start moving energy throughout the body, starting with your feet and working the way up to the crown of the head. This allows her to see more clearly where the blockage is occurring and how bad the blockages are.

As I lay on the bed with a blankie and my eyes closed I could feel various sensations happening around my body.  Putting her hands over my left hand side of the body caused my right eye to be blind and a headache like pain to occur around difference parts of my head. Once she put her hands on my hips and pelvis (the second chakra) my heart rate started racing and my breath was very short and fast. I knew then something was not right with the second chakra.

It turns out that my second chakra and left hand side of my body are extremely blocked and absolutely no energy is moving in this area, causing my third chakra to be severely blocked also. Once she discovered this she focused mainly on the left hand side of the body and my second and third chakras to heal and start forcing energy to move. It was so blocked up she said “It’s like trying to move a concrete block”.

From what she explain the second and third chakras are how we see ourselves and how we think others see us and their energy towards us. It turns out that when I’m having negative feelings about myself, or absorbing negative energy from someone else, I shove it down and away from my body onto the left hand side so I don’t have to deal with it.

Both of these chakras are also joined to the metal energy and wanting to no why things have happened. Since getting diagnosed I have constantly been thinking why me? why did I have to get ill? Why am I the only one in the family?

The left hand side of the body is also in relation to connection with women in our life or our own femininity. I’ve never been a girly-girl and have always struggled to see myself that way. People are constantly telling me I have a mind of a male, so its no wonder really that I have a problem with connecting to the feminine side of myself.

I had expected to come out feeling like a different person, like a weight had lifted of my shoulders. I don’t quite have those feelings as I sit at the beach and write this but she did explain that it can take a couple of days to settle down. She explained that its like painting. She has painted the walls and now we need to wait for it to dry to really enjoy and see a difference.

Even though I didn’t have those amazing feeling I thought would occur, I definitely feel different. It’s like a weird counselling session where no one had to talk. Instead she looked into my energies and helped move those energies to allow me to get a clear head.

So much goes on in the mind and body when getting diagnosed with Type 1. When first diagnosed I saw a psychiatrist to deal with the problems of losing apart of myself, and a lot of diabetics go through a stage of grief when diagnosed. Chakra Balancing really is another form to help us find peace, find what problems are occurring at a deeper level and help to change these to be a happier person.

I would definitely love to go have another session as she did explain that first healing is only peeling away the first vibrational layer out of many. Definitely worth anyone whose been going through a period of just not feeling quite right to go and get the treatment done.

Has anyone had chakra balancing done previously? Did you love it or find a bit to woo-woo gypsy for you?

Love Always





2 thoughts on “Chakra Balancing and Type 1”

  1. As an etsy, a modality is reiki and chakra stuff. I messed with it a little bit and realized it wasn’t quite sitting with me okay. Chakras are still if-y with me. I know one is majorly out of wack… the red and orange ones. I tried some of the stuff it said online to correct it and it did help such as meditation. Mostly some of the alternative medicine helps me like chiropratic. I can post more about this later as an actual post. Sorry this comment is rather long. 😛 Needless to say, you’re not woo woo gypsy for trying out things. It helps you grow spiritally and religiously. Just be careful, k?

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  2. haha I’m glad that im not the only one dabbling in a bit of other alternate medicines. Yes please do a post about acupuncture, I have been debating to go for a while now just never got around to actually booking an appointment yet haha. Definitely be careful, heard enough stories from my family to be a bit weary around messing with energy and spirituality x


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