Discovering Yoga

I have been trying and trying to get into yoga for years, but I just couldn’t. My old flatmate used to do yoga all the time at home and go on and on about all the great benefits. I tried it with her and just didn’t feel the vibe. I then got into lifting weights so all interest in Yoga blew out the window.

About a year and a bit later I decided I would give yoga another crack after reading about how amazing it is in Dr Libby’s book, ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’. I signed up to City Fitness purposely to go to the yoga classes available, and still didn’t feel the vibe. I finally bit the bullet again with Yoga at City Fitness in Napier. I figured I can’t really talk about the importance of yoga if I don’t feel the importance.

WOW, do I feel the importance now. A lovely girl, Amber Jane from Yoga Vibez, taught the yoga classes at City Fitness Napier. From the moment I walked into the doors I felt this wicked presence. Her positivity was booming as she explained to me what Vinyasa Yoga was and how it would differ from yoga I had tried previously.

Yoga Vibez at The Sanctuary, Napier

I did secretly think that I knew all there was about Yoga and that it was a gypsy woo-woo type of exercise and I wouldn’t see any benefits. I came out of that class a completely different person and have not looked back.

Now days 75% of my exercise comes from Yoga, wether it be a strengthening Vinyasa Flow class or getting back into balance with a relaxing Yin class. It has completely transformed my body that I was unable to do with weights alone. The most change I have seen though is with my mind and body.

Exercise helps stabilise blood sugar levels, however some exercise including weight training can make blood sugars rise during and post exercise and then decrease around 1 hour after exercise. Yoga allows me to not worry about my blood sugars during exercise. My blood sugar levels are stabilised all throughout yoga and have generally been lower overall since starting yoga.

Yoga really can heal anything and is a great, safe way to help with many health complications. These are my top 5 reasons as to why everyone needs to start getting amongst yoga, without feeling like a woo-woo gypsy lol.

  1. Yoga can help with women who suffer from hormone imbalances. Yoga helps balance these hormones including helping with PCOS, PMS, and Endometriosis.
  2. Yoga helps de-stress the body and allows the body to move into the parasympathetic nervous system. Making it the perfect form of exercise for those living a stressful lifestyle
  3. It can help you realise what you want out of life, or even just your day, by reconnecting your mind and removing those blockages in your mind. (I use yoga a lot when I’m having a block in my studies. It allows me to clear my mind so I can tackle the problem with a clear head)
  4. Yoga is a great form of exercise for those with injuries or going pains.
  5. There are many different forms of yoga so you can find the one that fits you overall or just how you feel and what you need that day.

Check out your local yoga instructors and find your one like me who you automatically connect with when you walk in the door. Most yoga places offer a 2 week trial so you can check out all the classes and see which ones resonate with you, without forking out a lot of money.

Pre and Post Discovering Yoga

If you would prefer to try yoga in the comfort of your own home, which I do quite often when I can’t make a class because I’m busy, check out Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. She’s another teacher I connected with automatically, and I love her wit. (She always make pop culture references haha)

Have you guys tried yoga yet? Whats your favourite class?

Love Always,




5 thoughts on “Discovering Yoga”

  1. I’ve never really considered trying yoga myself since I tend to stick to the more aerobic/ weights classes but after reading this I might give it a try (especially with hearing its effect on blood sugar)! I’m really glad to see another diabetic not letting your condition get in the way of your well being and fitness- really inspirational stuff.

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    1. Aw thanks love, we definitely can’t let diabetes get in the way of anything 💜💙 Definitely give it a try, I never saw myself enjoying it either until recently and it’s a bonus because my arms have never been more toned ahaha

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  2. I absolutely love yoga and Yoga With Adrienne is my favourite! I’ve personally found yoga to have a positive impact on my mental health which is why I kept at it. Haven’t done any since the c section but I’m allowed to again now, just gotta wait for bubs to sleep for long enough!

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  3. I love Yoga with Adrienne too! Though I admit, I haven’t followed one of her videos in a while. I’m trying to practice yoga more often, but it’s hard to get a routine going! I usually go to hot yoga classes in my town. I love how strong I feel after a yoga class 😀 Cool advice, great post!

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