My First Diaversary

This day last year in the afternoon I got a phone call that literally changed my life. The scary phone call from Diabetes Waikato asking me if I could urgently go to the emergency department at Waikato Hospital, they will be expecting me. It’s been a year since that day. Some day’s it feels like a lifetime ago, and others just like it was yesterday.

My life has changed dramatically since that day, not only dietary but my lifestyle as well. And to be honest, I’m glad that I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Before I got diagnosed I knew absolutely nothing about type 1 diabetes. All I knew was that it was genetic and you had to prick your finger to check your blood sugar levels. A year later and I am pretty much a expert on the whole deal of diabetes, well somedays I like to think I am.

This journey so far has made me question who I am and what I want to do with myself. Getting diagnosed has allowed me to become happy within my mind, body, and soul and really understand the in’s and out’s of my body. I know how many types of food work in my body, wether it be for positive or negative, and I’ve learnt that I need to listen to my body and my mind when it’s telling me to go for something or to have a rest.

I still have days when I’m completely lost as to why my blood sugars are all over the place, and want to curl into bed and die a wee bit. 90% of the time my blood sugars are amazing. Controlling diabetes through a low carb high fat diet has allowed me to keep my blood sugars in a normal range since being diagnosed and not having any further complications apart from needing to get glasses for long distance.

Ive lost friends through getting diagnosed but I’ve also gained so many friends in the diabetes community and learnt who my real friends are that are here to support me. My friends, family and partner have definitely been the ones that have kept me sane throughout the last year.

Its a exciting time seeing how far I have come in just over a year but so scary thinking that at any point my health could turn sideways and I could be back where I started.

Happy Diaversary Everyone,





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