Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn!

It should be against the law to watch a movie without popcorn, even if it is just a movie at home in bed. Popcorn makes watching a movie so much better and it tastes so amazing. But surely something that tastes so good can’t be healthy? Think again and get excited about this!

IMG_0102Popcorn can make a healthy snack and treat to have at the movies! Yes, thats right I said it. Popcorn can make a healthy alternative to chips and crackers, but definitely not the popcorn from the movies or most store brought popcorn.

Did I just ruin all hope about popcorn being healthy? Sorry, but most store brought brands are full of sugar, additives and refined. Homemade popcorn on the other hand doesn’t include any nasties. Simply put, popcorn is made by air ‘popping’ the outside of the corn kernel. There you have it, no nasties added and you have a snack full of nutrients.

Popcorn has a large number of nutrients including folate, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, as well as iron, potassium and zinc making it a awesome snack for energy levels and as an antioxidant. As well as being full of antioxidants to help prevent those free radicals running around in your body, its also full of fibre allowing for better digestion.

Once you have popped your corn kernels you can add your own toppings. My sister loved to cover her popcorn in himalayan salt and apple cider vinegar. They taste exactly like salt n vinegar chips without the guilt.

Popcorn has low glycaemic index resulting in a very minimal effect of blood sugar levels. This means that I can happily have a snack of popcorn without worrying about injecting insulin or having a spike in my blood sugars after eating. It’s also great because popcorn, even though we grab the extra large buckets at the movies, is a great filler and a small amount of popcorn is all that is needed to fill you up.

For a job I pilot over dimensional loads on trucks all around the country, it is a wicked job and I get to see so much of New Zealand but it does mean I am stuck in a car for 6-8 hours. I always take popcorn with me on the job, or just on a road trip. Its so easy to eat in the car and I know its not going to spike my sugar levels or trying to inject myself with insulin driving down the road. (lol I’ve tried this while someone else is driving and it never works out well).

Serious Popcorn is my go to popcorn when I’ve run out of time to pop my own (mostly due to being lazy) or I’ve quickly had to run off with a over dimensional load. They are made locally in Auckland and are made in a way that is not only sustainable to your body, but also for the world. “Sustainable Snacking” they call it!

Their popcorn is all naturally gluten-free (as it is a gluten free whole grain) but it is also dairy-free as they pop all of their popcorn in certified organic coconut oil. Making it again, a great snack for anyone with dietary requirements. At only 9.7g of carbohydrates per serve for there sea salt flavour it also means those with type 1 diabetes or type 2 can happily snack on this brand without having to worry about their blood sugars.

I usually take the sea salt or sweet and salty flavours with me on the road and when I’m feeling a bit naughty and need a treat when I’m off to the movies I take a bag of their Coconut and Vanilla. OMG, it tastes like real vanilla ice-cream and I can never help myself but eat the entire large bag.

Gone are the days when we need to worry about not needing to treat ourselves while having a movie sleepover night or off to date night to see Suicide Squad. We can all now treat ourselves to a little popcorn and not feel guilty for our bodies or for the environment. (What a bonus!)

What else do you guys enjoy as a snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about?

Love always,



P.S. I love this filter on snapchat a little bit too much lol


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