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Zucchini Breakfast ‘Pizza’

I’ve always been a lover of breakfast but I am even more since switching to a low carb lifestyle. There are so many options for breakfast and some can be quick and simple but delicious. This Zucchini Breakfast ‘Pizza’ features everything you need to start your day correctly.

The ‘pizza’ base is spiralled zucchini’s bind together with egg. It’s more like a flat omelette before you flip it in half over the filling but calling it pizza makes you feel naughty.

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. So tasty and full of probiotics to help feed good gut bacteria and gets those bowels moving. Along with the ginger and garlic, it is a wicked breakfast for gut healing.

Sorry for the lack of photos of my yummy breakfast, but my phone has finally decided to break on me. I promise I will be making this again for breakfast and will take loads of photos for you.

Zucchini Breakfast ‘Pizza’

1 spiralized zucchini
2cm grate ginger
2 knobs of grated garlic
1 egg
1tbsp coconut oil/butter
1 cup of chopped spinach
4cm of cubed feta
3/4 chopped sundried tomatoes
1 tbsp saurekraut

Put the butter, ginger and garlic into the pan on a medium heat. Add the zuchinni and toss around until slightly cook. Add your egg and flatten out like you would a omlete. This makes a flat base to act as your ‘pizza’ bottom.

When egg has cooked (not super gooey) top with spinach, feta, sundried tomates and saurekraut. Season with salt and Pepper and enjoy.

Peace and Love





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