Toni-E The Legume

Toni and I met as freshers in university staying in the same set of on-campus accomodation. We quickly bonded over getting way too drunk at any occasion we could (yes even maybe a Monday morning), our love of eggs at the hostels breakfasts twice a week, and our late night takeaway runs.

She is know a matured adult (LOL!) who is doing her PHD in sport science. It’s so awesome watching her go through her own wellbeing journey, discovering that a vegan lifestyle supports her mind body and soul. She loves walks a long the beach, sunsets and has a mad case of wanderlust.



I became a vegan because..

I was sick of being hipocryte to my beliefs and my true self. I am a animal lover, yet I supported slaughter by purchasing these products. I am an environmentalist, yet I was supporting animal agriculture which is one of the biggest threats on the environment. (See for more info on this). After doing some research I found that veganism addresses a lot of the worlds problems.

The short version is that I decided to live in a way that aligns with my beliefs

People  judge my veganism because. . 

They feel it is too extreme and that vegans are very pushy on their opinions their vegan lifestyle choice and force it upon people. This isn’t me. If someone asks or the topic comes up I will happily talk about it, but don’t expect me to define myself by it and mention it every two seconds. I feel judgment comes from a place of guilt.

I’m feeling great so far on my journey

I’ve definitely had my ups and downs but currently I am feeling great about the path I have chosen. I am slowly learning more recipes and more facts about veganism. I would love to have so much memorised that anytime someone asks me a questions I will have a excellent response.

Best part of my journey is knowing I’m not alone.

It was a weird feeling at first knowing that vegans get a lot of hate. A lot of people around me were snarky and rude about my choice, but I have since found a great community online of other who had experienced or were experiencing similar things. I love know that I am becoming a positive influence on the people around me. Any small thing I can do to help the earth, animals, and peoples mental and physical health is a great accomplishment.
I once had a girl tell me that she loved I was speaking out about veganism and it encouraged her to do some research and embark on her own journey. It was so nice to hear that I had helped in some way.

Investing in mind, bodyand soul means. . . 

Living in harmony with yourself. (Sounds so cliche lol). Since becoming vegan I have paid more attention into what I put into my body. I used to eat and exercise to lose weight where as know I eat to heal my body and gain the energy I need to be active. My soul and mind have finally become connected since I started living in a way that promotes compassion and what I believe in.

I would tell my 18 year old self. . . 

Be Yourself! I spent so long trying to be liked so I dropped hobbies and activities that I loved because no one I knew wanted to do them. I would have definitely had gone vegan a long time ago if I had stayed true to myself.

11108325_10203498393899694_4561465058336922972_nWho are we kidding, we will never be able to please everyone so
why not be happy in yourself?


Three bucks list goals I plan on ticking off this year

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Keep learning and finish my PHD
  3. Help the whole world go vegan (oh wait, vegans aren’t mean to say that lol)

I currently watching, doing and reading . . .

Gilmore Girls, I never watched it when I was younger so thought it was about time. I never get a chance to read for fun so I’m currently reading a range of articles for my studies. Im also just hanging out with my nana and cooking blackbean and beetroot burger patties. (Yum!)

My current mantra. .

“Oh Well!” When something hasn’t gone to planned. That or “Just Do It”, either Nike is really good with their marketing and it has stuck or its became a mantra for me.

My Monday hustle . . .

I love Monday’s, they are spent doing stretched and yoga to loosen my body up for the day and the week. I have a massive bowl of porridge and jump straight into writing. Monday’s are the perfect day for writing or editing I find.

If you would like to no more about becoming a Vegan or just interested in following Toni’s journey you can check out her Facebook page or check out her hilarious YouTube Channel.



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