Sunday Soak!

I love Sundays, they are my favourite day. My Sunday’s are spent relaxing, having delicious brunch and getting myself prepared to have another good, organised week. Being organised at the start of the week can help make positive and good decisions throughout the week without having any added stress.

We especially have so much stress going on in our lives no matter wether we are a stay-at-home mum, a student, or working a 60 hour week. Stress affects us all and with less time in the day and more and more work building up, it can take a tole on our health. Most people spend a lot of their day’s in the sympathetic nervous system due to being stressed and eating ‘stressor’ foods such as caffeine and sugar. The sympathetic nervous system means we are using our ‘flight or fight’ mode, where our body is ready to either fight for survival or make a run for it or when someone decides to hide around a corner and jump out at your for a joke.

Why would this mode bother me your asking yourself. If we are ever in need of running for our lives from a robber, our fight or flight mode will help us by giving our muscles energy. However, this fight or flight mode does mean that energy, blood and oxygen supply, and nutrients are taken away from other body systems and sent only to the muscles. These days instead of only using this mode when a lion is standing in front of us, we become stuck in the mode and spend our day-to-day lives transferring the majority of our energy and nutrients into our muscles and brain for quick movement.

The fight or flight mode also means that other essential workings in our body such as digestion start to work inefficiently. This is why it is so important to find ways to de stress our mind and bodies as well as find ways to prevent extra stress.

Sundays are my days to de stress myself, relax, do what I want and prepare for the week. During the week I do yoga and take the dog for a walk to de stress and clear my head while I’m studying, but Sunday’s mean I have ALL day to pamper myself.

I could not wait for this Sunday to come because I finally got to use the Wiki Skincare Mineral Bath Soak that my sister got me for my birthday. The Mineral Bath Soak is full of epsom salts with rose buds and orange and lavender essential oils.


Epsom bath salts have amazing therapeutic minerals including magnesium and sulphate which when soaking in them get absorbed through the skin. Magnesium helps with reducing inflammation, nerve and muscle function and preventing of arteries clogging. Sulphate’s key role is to help with the flushing of toxins in the body and strengthen the walls in the digestive tract.

OMG, best bath I think I have ever had! The bath smelt amazing, and looked amazing with rose buds floating around me, but I just closed my eyes and let my mind relax. I did not want to get out of the bath, but I was starting to wrinkle up.

My body and mind feel amazing, I feel like a lot of stress and tension was released from my body. Along with my face mask while in there, my skin is silky smooth and I’m ready to climb into a warm bed and start a new week with a positive attitude.

With the elimination process of toxins and detoxification that occurs with epsom bath salts be sure to use a wee bit of salts to start of with and build your way up to larger amounts so you don’t over do the process. Also, afterwards lather up in moisturise and drink loads of water to keep the body hydrated.

This is definitely going to start being a regular routine on my Sunday evenings, and I cannot wait to try all the other options from Wiki Skincare including the relax lover with clay to help with inflammation of the skin, and the mineral soak with cocoa butter and coconut milk to bathe like Cleopatra.

Make Sunday’s your soak and pamper day. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we meant to take care the loved ones in our lives.

If you are looking into a epsom bath salt, you can purchase Wiki Skincare range online at or pop into your local health store and pick up your own bath salts.

Enjoy, and soak away.




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