Diabetes Sucks Today

It has been one of those weeks where I hate that I have diabetes. Where I can’t see any positives to having diabetes, and don’t even want to think about testing my blood sugar levels or injecting myself with insulin. 

The most important thing to managing type 1 diabetes and having good blood sugar levels is keeping yourself healthy. Once you body starts to get run down and tired, all control is out the window.

My blood sugars have been running ridiculously high all week, hardly ever getting below 10.0mmOl 😦 My Thursday was probably the worse, no matter how much insulin I took to compensate my high blood sugars it would come down a wee bit but not enough for my ‘normal’

I have been working a wee bit earlier then normal, well a hell of a lot earlier then normal. Getting up at 5am to be on site by 6am to depart with a oversize load. I’ve done his before but normally stay the night at my partners in Hamilton and drive home the next day. This week I drove 10hours straight (there and back) two days in a row. This unregulat routine and lack of sleep has definitely had the most effect on my blood sugar levels being so high. 

When my bloods are high I’m constantly hungry and craving food. This makes it even harder to bring my blood sugars down because I’m constantly eating anything that I can get my hands on. 

It’s exhausting, trying to stay positive and managing my diabetes well while my body is doing the complete opposite from what I want it to do.

By Friday I had had enough! I didn’t want to deal, I just wanted to eat all the carbs in the world to try and make myself feel better, and I just wanted to curl up in bed and avoid it all. 

It’s weeks like this where I could just deny having diabetes and not deal with it, but the other complications that can occur are not worth it. 

Instead I txt a friend (whom also has diabetes) and had a far cry to her about how it sucks. She kicked my ass back into gear and told me to man up because there is nothing that I can do but check my needles are all working properly, my insulin hasn’t expired, and get plenty of rest. 

So I did, I’ve run away to Hamilton to spend a few days with my partner and relax. 

Fingers crossed my blood sugars start to come right ! 

Love Always, 




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