Food Hangover’s & Diabetes

I hardly drink anymore, probably because I’m such a light weight these days so I don’t need to drink a lot, but also because I would rather indulge on scrumptious food that I don’t normally eat then get wasted. Don’t get too excited for me though. Yes I may not get those terrible hangovers from a wild night where the bed spins, and you can barely roll over without the need to barf everywhere. Instead I get FOOD HANGOVERS.

Since I got diagnosed with diabetes I haven’t indulged in carbs or sugar. I’m not saying I’ve been perfect for the last 11 months and never touched carbs or sugar but I have not indulged like I did for my birthday.

I was not going to let diabetes stop me from having a wicked birthday and definitely not let it stop me from spending one day eating and indulging in all my favourite food. YOLO!

As you read in previous posts I injected donuts, ate chicken with gingerbread, and topped of my day with tiramisu and chocolate sorbet. (I’m drooling just thinking about it). I injected myself throughout the day with my Novarapid (food related short term insulin) and all seemed well. A couple of highs throughout the day, but nothing harming myself.


I was super stoked at the success until the next day. I slept through all of my alarms and spent most of the morning staying in bed with Hagrid cuddled up. I had one of those annoying headaches,  not painful enough to complain about it but still their bugging you all day. No motivation, no energy. I spent all day sitting on the couch aimlessly watching E! and staring at my phone.

Saturday was exactly the same. No motivation, zero energy, still having a food hangover. The entire weekend was spent feeling ill, not wanting to move very far from netflix and the TV, and constantly having high blood sugars and having to inject myself with Novarapid but nothing would bring my bloods back down. I was craving carbs, bread and pastries all weekend it was CRAZY!

Food hangovers are the real deal! Remember when you ate so much food watching a movie that you couldn’t move and was super tired? It’s like that but lasts for the whole weekend. You can’t just sleep a food hangover off. You need to wait it out and wait for your body to go through the elimination and digestion process.

Sunday, I wasn’t feeling too bad. I got up early and headed to the markets and managed to start my essay thats due. Slowly starting to come right after my wild antics on Thursday.

I dont regret anything at all. I had amazing food and dealt with the consequences, I am just glad mum and dad had gone away for the weekend so they didn’t force me to get out and about and I could binge watch netflix.

My blood sugars are still a bit crazy, and I’m not back to 100% but YOLO. We still need to live our lived and Im definitely going to do it again for next years birthday!

Anyone else experienced a food hangover? Comment and tell me about it!

Peace and Love




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