Quarter of a Century Old!

WOW! How these past 25 years have flown by quickly. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was wearing rainbow socks, LA Gallaz sneakers and boxers to intermediate or wearing fluro tee’s with tights and my hair extensions to dance party at high school. But here I am quarter of a century gone by, 25 whole years.

I definitely imagined I would be in such a different place when I was in high school thinking about 25. I thought by the age of 25 I would have graduated from uni, somehow have an amazing job that made me a millionaire by the time I was 25 and I would have a wardrobe full of amazing clothes. Instead, I am still living at home with my parents, still studying, and still super poor. Surprisingly though, I would not change anything about my life at the moment (not even to have a wardrobe that looks like Sarah Jessica Parkers on Sex and The City lol).

I spent my birthday surrounded my positive and supportive people, and if friends and family couldn’t celebrate with me there was plenty of love, and embarrassing photos, posted all over Facebook. I was definitely feeling the love and feeling like at this stage in my life I have surrounded myself with wicked people!

It was also my first birthday that I have celebrated with diabetes but I did not that let that stop me from having my cake and eating it too. I went out for brunch/lunch at Mister D’s in Napier for coffee, wine, root vegetable soup and their o-so-famous donuts which you inject yourself with custard, jelly or chocolate. We all thought we would be naughty and go for the R-18 option and I injected my donut with Hennessy Cognac Custard. Best way to indulge in a treat and feel like a bad ass. (If you’re ever in Napier its a must do. Best Donuts I have ever tried)

I got mega spoiled with cards, lots of plants and cookbooks to continue with my ever growing collection of food books.

I definitely didn’t stop treating myself all day. We had a bottle of bubbles in the evening, followed by more wine and dinner at Mission Estate Winery. Not only did I treat myself with dinner of chicken with gingerbread and kumara (surprisingly was super tasty!) but I had Tiramisu for desert with some more wine.

It’s safe to say that I had to inject a lot of insulin yesterday for the treats I had, but it was worth it. We need balance in our life, and we need to treat our bodies and souls. If that means spending your birthday injecting donuts and drinking wine, then do so. Just like that one meal isn’t going to make us skinny or happy, that one meal isn’t going to make us fat or do damage either.

It’s the first time I have had a food hangover, and maybe they are not quite as bad as a alcohol hangover, lets just say I haven’t ventured far from the couch today.

Peace and Love,




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