Gut Cleansing Is Done!

Is the day after our 7 day gut cleanse and how are we all feeling? A bit lighter, more energised? Or maybe you don’t feel any different at all. You may not feel different on the outside just yet, but I bet your gut and insides are loving you for your hard work over the last 7 days. You are AMAZING, even if you just managed 1 day your AMAZING!

I will be the first to admit that the first two days were horrible. It may have been a mix of everything, cold weather and womanly time of the month starting, but I was low on energy and tired. I had naps in the afternoon and barely had energy to do any of my normal exercise.

I also craved sweets WAAAY more then I normally do. Strange way that our brains work where I know that I cannot have a specific food so my brain decided I needed it in my life. But come the weekend and I was feeling amazing!

My digestive system is using the waste system very effectively, if you get what I mean. (How do you mention poo in a way where your not talking about poo lol). My skin has cleared up. There are still some blemishes there but they are around the chin which is the sign of hormone problems rather then digestion problem. Which makes sense as I happened to have the monthly bleed while doing the gut cleanse.

I spent the weekend craving vegetables, water, ginger tea and more and more sauerkraut. Whenever my parents go away for the weekend I normally treat myself with something naughty because I won’t get in trouble for it. During the weekend on the cleanse I didn’t feel the need to eat anything bad. I even went into this amazing boutique bakery; picnic, and walked out empty handed. I didn’t think that could happen :O

The last couple of days I wanted to eat soup, do yoga and even managed to wake up energised every day. My body is feeling a lot lighter and energised then before I started the cleanse.

Not only is my body feeling great at the moment (apart from some period cramps and BV) but my mind is also feeling much better and clearer. Participating in yoga every morning has kept myself positive throughout the day and kept my mind prepared and ready for study every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am also human and I treated myself while on the cleanse too. I went out for dinner with the gals on Thursday night to Mamacita. I had a coffee Saturday morning while out for a diabetes catch up and another coffee on Monday before heading to Auckland. It is about what we do for the majority of our time not the minority. The smallest changes we can make in our diet can make a huge impact.

Did anyone else get involved with my gut cleanse? Tell me all about your experiences so we can tweak the plan, and make improvements.

P.S. Its my 25th birthday tomorrow, and my first birthday as a diabetic (Eek!)

Peace and Love





2 thoughts on “Gut Cleansing Is Done!”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! 2nd quarter! It’s definitely the best quarter. Good on you for doing the gut cleanse


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