7 Day Gut Help

The gut is the holy grail of everything going on in your body. Its the main ingredient for hormone balance, immunity, release of waste product, absorption of nutrients, wether your skin, hair and nails are looking healthy, really EVERYTHING in the body is sorted through the gut. (Even emotions :O)

Lately I’ve noticed a few issues going on and after posting this wicked facial chart on Instagram, about skins problems in relation to organs inside the body, I have realised that my gut is needing a bit of love.

Especially around winter we need to be feeding out gut good bacteria to ensure that we don’t harm our immune system, and that we stay healthy and warm over the colder months. So that is one bonus to start a wee gut detox, but my other reasons are more on the superficial side. My skin has been breaking out a lot around the jaw line, the sides of my mouth, my forehead and the bridge of my nose. I have also noticed a lot of pimple type bumps around the chest area and my upper back.

As soon as your skin starts breaking out you know that something inside the body isn’t balanced, whether it be hormonal, digestive problems or respiratory. The reason behind this is normally if our insides are balanced we are able to excrete toxins through carbon dioxide when breathing out, through our kidneys via the form of urine, or through the colon as waste products. If these systems are balanced, the toxins have no other way of being released from the body but through the skin. This is where problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions can occur.

This is the chart I shared on Instagram. It’s a great chart to check on how you can help your body when you notice a break out happening.


With this lovely brain wave going on in my head about needing to sort out my large intestine, small intestine and liver because of my skin I also noticed lately that my skin has been dryer, my hair dryer, my nails brittle and weak and overall feeling of bleh. And hence came the idea that I need to do a gut health balance to get rid of the nasties and bring back the good bacteria.

I didn’t want to detox for a long period of time, the 7 day period allows my body to rid of the nasties and get back on track with my day to day healthy lifestyle which will balance the good and bad bacteria after the 7 days. Think of it like a quick juice fast to give your body some days off absorbing and digesting specific nutrients and concentrating of riding the bad bacteria in the body.

For 7 days I will be:

  • Eating a diet high in fermented foods, this includes kimchi, sauerkraut, coconut yoghurt, jerusalem artichokes etc.
  • Eliminate dairy, gluten and refined carbohydrates
  • Incorporating more leafy greens in my dinner meals. (This can be hard with some meals, and lately at dinner time I have gotten slack)
  • Taking Clinician’s Multi Flora Probiotic at night and Metagenics Glutagenics powder in the morning to boost the good gut bacteria. (Any probiotic or probiotic powder would be awesome, I am lucky to be prescribed Metagenics but clinicians tablet are great or Amazonia Raw Pre Probiotic Powder is another great alternative)
  • Decreasing meat. This doesn’t mean going full vegetarian or vegan, just choosing to include meat free meals to ease some pressure from the digestive system over the detox.
  • Drinking ginger or peppermint herbal tea throughout the day.
  • Decreasing coffee intake (Uh oh study)
  • Increasing my water intake to 3L a day, including lemon and apple cider vinegar water in the morning and at night
  • Increasing my fibre intake (a piece of fruit a day, green veggies, or my low carb crackers are high fibre lol)

Ayurveda Medicine believe that your daily routine will help boost your digestion and gut. They say first thing in the morning is the most important to release waste and toxins from the night before to make room for the absorption through food your consume today. First thing in the morning we should drink a glass of warm water with lemon, sit on the toilet for release, practice yoga or exercise. Im going to start including this routine during the detox, but you are able to start this practice at any stage in life that you feel ready. Don’t overdo yourself and try to concentrate on too many changes at once.

How does it sound? Not too much I hope. I will be starting on the 29th June – 6th of July (day before my birthday). I hope you are able to join with me on this fun week we can share together, otherwise you can get involved in this 7 day gut healing whenever you are noticing skin problems with yourself, or are just feeling a bit heavy and bloated and want to feel a bit healthier and comfortable in your own skin.

A few days to prepare, get supplies, and maybe have that last binge 😛

We can do this, 7 days is all its going to take to create a better gut and better health!!

Love Samantha


4 thoughts on “7 Day Gut Help”

  1. Hi Samantha, I’m just wanting to know where do you source your glutagenics from? I am quite keen to try it for my gut problems.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Hannah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey love, I got mine through a naturopath because it’s a prescription only one. But I have also tried just l-glutamine powder or capsules from my local pharmacy which also worked really well, or if your not coeliac or have a problem with wheat/gluten you can use the glutamine powders from supplement stored that body builders use for muscle repair. Does that kind of help? It’s amazing for repairing the intestinal lining !


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