Diabetes Myth #2

This myth doesn’t happen to much to me YET. A lot of people either still don’t know that I have been diagnosed with type 1 or they are still in the feeling sorry for me stage because they can’t imagine how I am to cope with this new disease. So for the moment I don’t have to deal with this one too much. 

But! Once you have had this disease for a few years you start to hear “oh you have had it forever how do you not have it under control already” or “shouldn’t you realize that whatever you have done is bad for your diabetes”. 

There is no understand diabetes EVER, wether you have had it for 40 years or 8 months like I have, we will never be able to understand our diabetes and why it works the way it does. 

Why will we never understand it? Blood glucose can not be identified or affected by one simple thing, and we can’t write a chart and predict what our blood sugar levels are going to do. We have a basic understanding that carbohydrates cause our glucose levels to rise, so we do our best to avoid these and especially refined sugars or pure glucose because these cause a rapid rise. 

What we can’t predict is everything else that goes on in our body that effects our blood glucose levels such as fatigue, stress, hormones, exercise etc. 

I admit I’m fairly new to the diabetes game so I am still learning but I thought I had it pretty well understood through my diet and I had a week and a half of AMAZING bloods and was only using 14units of lantus (long lasting insulin) a day.

And then the first of the month came around along with the worst thing ever, my period! Not only is my body hating me at the moment because I have terrible period based problems but now my blood glucose levels happen to be sky rocketed and my long lasting insulin isn’t enough to keep them manageable. 

I gathered this was a easy fix, increase my lantus while on my period to make up for the craziness that is going on inside my body. Bam! Nailed it right? Nope.

9.00pm came around and I took 20units of lantus, the amount I have been using all week to cover my period crazy blood glucose levels. Next minute it’s 10.00 and I’m shaking, sweating, and feeling super weak I can barely walk to my bed. 3.4! My bloods had dropped to 3.4! 

I have no clue why and it’s so frustrating because I want to know why so I don’t do it next time. The last two nights on the same amount of insulin my bloods have be fine, was it because I exercised a bit more today which can cause lower blood sugar levels long term in the day, was it because my body is super annoying and can’t just do as it’s told for once. (Little rampage there lol) 

Even the health professionals don’t understand diabetes so please don’t expect us to understand it all. We really will never be able to understand why all of a sudden our blood glucose has decided to go insanely high or crazily low, unless we have just eaten a doughnut without injecting insulin to compensate and then we know exactly why we are high. 

Myth # 2 Broken! Stay tuned for another myth about diabetes. 

Love always 



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