Its Getting Cold

Winter has finally hit us here in the Hawkes Bay and everyone is starting to get ill with the common cold. We can catch a common cold from others that have a cold from coughing, sneezing and unwashed hands. This is why it is so important to have good hygiene all the time so we cannot past our illness on to others. However, stress and fatigue make your immune system less efficient and making your more susceptible to catching bad bacteria that is being passed around.

Getting ill can suck big time. At first, it’s kind of cool because you get to take a day off work and spend all day cuddled in bed binge watching Vampire Diaries but by the third or fourth day, you’re over it and want to get back to normal life.

Here are my Top 10 tips to treat and prevent getting sick:

  1. If you’re constantly coming down with a cold or flu, check out if there is an underlying reason that your immune system is not as efficient such as food intolerances, emotional distress, or fatigue.
  2. Stock up on Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can remove free radicals and boost your immune system. Add powdered vitamin C to water every morning for a boost to your immune system. If already sick, have a vitamin C drink every 2-3 hours. (Be Careful: vitamin can also loosen the bowels if you get what I mean :P)
  3. Drink lots and lots of water. Keep your fluids up with plenty of water, herbal tea, and lemon & ginger hot drinks.
  4. Rest, rest, and rest! If your starting to feel fatigued or a bit sluggish, get some sleep. It’s better for your body and mind to sleep that little bit extra when needed, then make your body more fatigued by getting up.
  5. Eat lots of fermented foods to feed your gut bacteria. Your gut determines everything that happens with your immune system. (It basically aids in everything from immune system, to sleep, to your hormone levels). Fermented food and drink like Sauer kraut, miso, kimchi, and kombucha will help feed the good bacteria and get rid of the bad bacteria.
  6. If you during sickness you have got mucous in the nose or throat, avoid dairy, wheat, and bananas for the next couple of days. These foods can feed the mucous and make it worse rather than help get rid of it.
  7. GARLIC AND ONIONS! Increase these foods in your diet to boost the immune system, but also if your already sick rub garlic and onion into the bottom of your feet and pop on socks before you go to bed. Don’t forget to shower in the morning, otherwise, you may smell like garlic all day at work.
  8. To clear blocked sinuses  you can make an at home inhalation mix. In a ceramic bowl add rosemary, thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and honey. Put a towel over your head and place your head over the bowl breathing in the fumes for 2-3 minutes.
  9. Get outside in the sun at any moment you can. During the winter months vitamin D in less available to us. When the sun is out, get amongst it and soak up as much vitamin D as possible. ( Also helps to prevent the ‘winter blues’)
  10. Eat lots of vegetables, especially those that are in season. And lots and lots of soup especially if you have a fever and feeling absolutely terrible. Soup and bone broth will give your body nutrients, remove mucous and congestion, and boost your immune system.

Be well and stay healthy

S xx


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