Nutrition 101

Changing to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits can be so confusing. There are constant messages from the media, friends and family about different types of food and different types of eating.

  • Paleo
  • Low Carb High Fat
  • High Protein
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Mediterranean

With all of these choices, and much more, how do we decide or understand what type of eating is the best for us and our individual health? Where do we begin to make a start on nourishing our bodies?

Certain lifestyle diets suit certain individuals and espeically for those who are eating a specific way for health related reasons. I find a low carb high fat way of eating is the perfect style for me, it keeps my blood sugar levels low and means I am able to dependent on less insulin throughout my day. However, if it was for my diagnosis I would not be so strict on my carbohydrate intake and would aim for around 80-100grams rather then 50grams of carboyhydrates a day.

Other individuals also make dietary decisions as they realize certain foods upset their bodies such as those with gluten intolerances or dairy intolerances. Others decide on food they eat for ethical reasons. Some people also adapt the lifestyle as well as the dietary choice such as the majority of paleo eaters. But where do you start? How do you find out if a certain way of eating is right for you?

Start by taking it back to basics, cutting refined and processed foods. These types of food include anything that comes in a packet, takeaways, white bread, white pasta, white sugar etc. By cutting a lot of these types of food out you are able to cut so many toxins from the body and start nourishing your body with foods full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

I know exactly what you are thinking, if I cut out these foods what am I meant to eat? Up your fruit, vegetables and good fats. Fruit, vegetables and good fats are full of the nutrients our body needs to move optimally, think optimally and stay fuller for longer. You’ll start to notice you have more energy, you sleep better, and things such as your skin and hair start to look healthy, nourished and clean.

Once you can grasp eating wholefoods then you can start listening to your body again. Listen to your cravings and how different foods make your body feel, wether thats good or bad. If you notice bad feelings from a certain foods cut them down, if you notice you feel amazing after eating something eat more of it. If your body likes or dislikes a food, it will tell you.

Food can also heal thy body, including many health issues such as thyroid, hormones, stress, weight loss, and many more. If you are noticing health problems occuring more frequently or just little health things such as pimples always popping up in times of stress or periods, seek help from a professional such as a holistic nutritionist who can see the underlying issue in your body.

Nutrition and how our bodies react is different for every body, and we need to re learn to listen to our bodies and what its trying to tell us. Nutrition and creating a healthier lifestyle for ourselves is all about balance, and finding balance between our mental, spiritual, physical and emoitional being and our bodies can teach us more and more about each aspect of out lives and why we need to spend a day in bed watching netflix or why we are super motivated to go for a walk.

Love Always,

Samantha x




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