What does health look like?

What does healthy look like to you? This should be the first question that you ask yourself when considering making a change for your health. Change and motivation can only occur from within and if you really want it, and have a goal on mind.

Healthy to me is someone who is happy and confident within themselves. Its when someone can take their flaws and turn them into a positive. I love seeing curvier people embrace their amazing body shapes, or someone who is a bit shy but comes out of their shell when a conversation of their interest is occurring. Health is seeing someone be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in balance with themselves and overall LOVE themselves.

I haven’t always had these views about health, especially when I though of myself as on the larger side of life. Everyone looks at the fit girls on instagram, or the gym bunnies with their cheese greater abs, and wish we looked like that. But is this want real? Is it healthy? Will it satisfy what we want?

I am the typical cliche when it comes to my journey to healthy. A boy broke up with me (god even typing it I feel myself cringe). My first non-slutty relationship was over and I was devastated. I had just moved across from the gym and decided to show him revenge I would get super skinny, super fit, with killer abs. (Because that will always get the boy begging to come back right?).

So I started to gym, doing research on things I should be eating, and finding a lot of rebound boys. That summer I read Dr Libby’s book ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ and I made the realisation about food and nourishment in the body. I spent most of 2014 in the gym twice a day, eating relatively health to nourish my body. The foundation for my view on wholesome eating to nourish the body started here but never really sunk in until I got diagnosed with diabetes. I would love to say that diabetes was my influence and main motivator for a change in lifestyle but unfortunately I am as cliche as The Bachelor and the moment I decided to change was because a boy didn’t like me anymore. (CRINGE)

My view on what healthy is has completely changed from when I started this journey to now, and it will constantly evolve in what is important in my life at the time. In 2013 the most important thing to me was getting plenty of boys, and having a wild time. Now in 2016, healthy to me is being happy, loving and nourishing every part of my body. Being grateful that I am not ill and still able.

Asking around and you will find a wide range of answers on what healthy is to them, and it is based on what is important in their life at the moment. Health is a evolving journey and a brilliant journey to learn about yourself.

If your deciding to take a look into your health and create a change. Sit down and think about what your really wanting to change and who it is for. Are you wanting to change for you, or so that someone else can love you? Never change who you are for someone else or change as apart of a negative attitude. Your change will never satisfy you, and you will always be searching for something more to fill what is missing.

Learn to love yourself, learn to embrace your body and all aspects of it. After this can happen your health, and every other aspect of life, will work out.

So, what does health look like to you?

Love Always,




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