Another Dietitian, Another Judgement

Monday morning rolled on and I had a appointment with the dietitian at the Hawkes Bay diabetes clinic. It’s a free service at the hospital so I didn’t see any harm in learning more around nutrition from a different point of view.

I got in the room and it was super awkward. I automatically felt semi-judges as she asked me if I had any questions I would like to ask, and give her a look into my day-to-day meals.

This part gets me every time I try and explain my day-to-day meals. I don’t eat the same this every night for dinner, I always mix it up and god knows I have the worse memory. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast that same morning let alone dinner the night before. Ive gotten used to giving them a general overview of my meals. Obviously it wasn’t good enough and she wanted FULL details about my eating.

I explained I have a omlette with mushrooms, avo, cheese, spinach for breakfast generally, coleslaw and some sort of meat for lunch, and coleslaw some other type of veggie, and meat for dinner. She then asked me “Do you eat nuts?”, “What else do you eat?”, “Do you ever eat legumes, or grains” etc etc.

OMG, if you wanted a full on detail about every single thing I eat you could have told me that on the phone and I could have written a full on food diary. Yes I eat nuts occasionally, I don’t usually eat legumes or grains but sometimes I may. WHAT ELSE DO I EAT? I eat everything but not generally in my day-to-day eating habits.

It was here that the low-carbohydrate diet debate started. I feel kind of sorry for the dietitian as I got quite defensive and argumentative but I am passionate about low-carb and how it works for my body. She started off with telling me I need to eat a wider range of vegetables and not just coleslaw. (MY GOD I DO I JUST DIDNT TELL YOU BECAUSE MY DINNER CHANGES EVERY NIGHT !!!!)

This was then followed with the question “How are you energy levels, especially with all the training you do?” 1. I don’t think I train handout. I just workout for health like everybody else, dog walks, yoga during the week and gym on the days I don’t go to yoga. So I don’t need excessive energy like a pro rower would need. 2. My energy levels are fine, I burn fat not carbohydrates now and it is a efficient energy source for the body.

What really grinds my gears is what she tried to talk to me about next. Even writing about it now is getting me all worked up.

According to the dietitian low carb is a fad diet that I cannot sustain for a period of time, and if I can maintain being this strict on my diet for a period of time I will end up causing major damage to my body.

WTF!!! Fad diet?? Restriction??

Low carb is not a lemon detox diet, or celebrity slim. Its a lifestyle change and it is because my body cannot metabolite carbohydrates without injecting myself multiple times. I tried eating normal and using insulin and my body hated it.

I don’t feel like I’m restricted at all. If you guys follow my blog you will notice that I am not missing out on particular foods. I eat raw, creamy, flavoursome cheesecakes. Creamy, cheesy mashed cauliflower in replace of potatoes. I have roast dinners, and salads, and vegetables, and even low carb coco whip for ice cream!!

Six months into low carb eating and I am the healthiest I have ever been. I still get to enjoy all the finer things in life, going out with friends and having a wine, or treating myself to a amazing cocowhip with salted caramel and peanut brittle from Hapi.

Im not saying never listen to your medical practitioners because they are highly educated people that can help all illness’s. Listen to your body, and how your body reacts to different diets and medications.

For myself, a low carbohydrate lifestyle suits my diabetes and how I want to live my life. Another diabetic might enjoy using a pump and injecting insulin, and thats what their body works.

We are all different, and what works for one will not work for someone else.

Do your research, Try a few different things to fix your health issues and judge on how your body reacts to wether you want to stick to this lifestyle or not!


Samantha x



2 thoughts on “Another Dietitian, Another Judgement”

  1. I think the problem with dietitians and nutritionists is they are all trained under the ‘fat is bad, calories in calories out’ method and it sticks. There are exceptions out there, like Dr. Libby, but the majority stick to what they know and are jot ready to challenge the fact that we are all different with different nutritional needs AND that we know our bodies better than an outsider!


    1. That’s so true, so many just don’t want to think outside the box to really help someone and just give us all the advice that they have learnt at uni. Definitely such a good opener for when I start having clients and actually listening to them and finding new outside of the box ways to help

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