Do I need nuggets or coffee? 

I’m currently sitting in the airport, contemplating life as there is not much else to do apart from people watch, and it really bazzels me as to where I am now to where I was a year ago.

Getting any type of illness, even the flu, can be strenuous and stressful. But it’s even worse when it has the opportunity to take over every aspect of your life. Yeah, there are moments where it’s up to you personally to let a illness decide whether or not you do something, but sometimes the illness automatically makes all your decisions.

Looking back at this time last year I had a full time very well paying job. I was earning good money and was able to live the extravagant life I like to live (a lot of Karen walker sunglasses were brought last year). I was saving to go on a road trip across America with my best friend and starting to look into a relationship with a perfect guy! It was going to be a exciting year with so much I look forward to.

Later on in the year travel plans had changed. A trip to America was just not in the budget,because it was a single girls roadie and I was not a single gal anymore but mainly because I was buying too many clothes and not saving enough to actually buy a plane ticket.

But it was all okay, I was still earning very good money and instead had a trip planned to Thailand and Perth. The trip was going to be a lot cheaper then America so it made sense to travel there. Plane tickets were purchased, plans were being made and I was moving in with the boy.

Then diabetes hit me! I quit my job, had zero dollars to pay bills let along afford any kind of savings for Thailand, and everything seemed to take a downward spiral.

Now, here I am, sitting in the airport waiting to fly business class to Perth for 4 days. No Thailand trip, hardly any spending money but still off on a adventure.

My mum constantly says to me, “This is why you don’t purchase flights without being able to afford the rest of a trip”. I didn’t expect to have no money, I gathered I would save a little more for another month and then pay for accomodation and then everything else saved until the trip was spending money.

Looking back it was a dumb ass thing to think I could just wait and hope to pay for the rest of the trip and it will be fine. Then again I never in a million year expected to be hit with diabetes.

I’m still super poor, not because I can’t go and get a job because of diabetes but because I choose to study so that I can end up in a career I want to be in. If it wasn’t for diabetes I would have never put my wants of being a nutritionists first and my priorities would be in earning that money.

Thanks to diabetes I have time to figure myself out, I have time to study and walk the dog, and go to yoga every day, and help other people with a wide range of health issues.

Looking back and contemplating life as I am doing while thinking about being a bit naughty and getting some nuggets, I am happy I got diagnosed with diabetes and would not change it !

Love always,

Sam X


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