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Goodbye Carbs, Hello Fat!

It has been 6 months roughly since being diagnosed with diabetes, which also means it has been 6 months since having carbs and shock horror, I am still alive and functioning. I will admit, there has been some slip ups in the last 6 months. M&M cravings, pick n mix lollies and lots and lots of Duck Island Ice-cream.

Leading up to my diagnosis I didn’t eat overly badly, I was getting ready to study holistic nutrition and leading a nutritious life was starting to happen, the diabetes just made this happen a lot quicker.

Before fully committing to a low carb lifestyle I was convinced, just like the majority of the population including doctors and dieticians, that you needed carbohydrates as a part of a staple diet. Carbohydrates are the first macronutrient that the body uses for energy and fuel for the muscles, brain and heart. But it is not the only macronutrient that the body can use. Fats can also be used in a process called the Krebs Cycle, which changes the fats into ketones to be used in the Krebs Cycle and provide energy to the body.

Carbohydrates also rather a complex set of glucose that gets broken down in the digestive system to simple glucose molecules to be absorbed into the body. These glucose molecules raise the blood sugar in the body, which results in the pancreas releasing insulin to counteract. This is great for normal people, however, as a diabetic this can cause blood sugar levels to sky rocket and no insulin released to counteract.

I did not think that a low carb diet would be too different to what I was already eating. Turns out it had a huge impact. No rice, grains, muesli, pasta. Keeping a eye on how much dairy and fruit I was eating. How do I manage you ask?

Fat and protein keeps you fuller for longer. I do not eat as much as previously (unless it’s a super yummy meal and then I go CRAZY) and I am not wanting food an hour after eating. I eat a balanced meal of 10g of carbs, 20g of pure protein, and 3 different types of fats.

Breakfast: Spinach, 2 x poached eggs, avocado and mushrooms. Mushrooms are cooked in cream, and spinach is wilted in butter.

Lunch: Homemade coleslaw, or salad, with chicken or fish, nuts and olive oil based vinaigrette

Dinner: Beef stir-fry with zuchinni noodles, filled with ginger, garlic and chilli for flavour.

One thing I have not missed in the last 6 months is flavours. I had this weird feeling that food would be bland. No additives or added flavours to my food, surely that would be bland retirement home food. I have never tasted flavours like I have in the last 6 months.

Low carb is a great lifestyle to consider for weight loss, many health benefits, or just wanting a better wellbeing. Planning and trying new things is the goal, and not letting that first week of headaches and withdrawals get to you.

I am slowly working on more and more recipes to share with you guys from sweet treats, to dinners like healthy low carb spaghetti and meatballs. Until then, get in contact with me if you are considering a low carb lifestyle and want to know more, want to know about great substitutes, or if it can help your health problems. I love to talk and will probably annoy you by never shutting up 😛 lol

Love Always,

Samantha xx


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