Dazed and Confused

Type 1 Diabetes is where you body cannot process carbohydrates anymore. Your pancreas cannot release insulin into the body that will help counteract the glucose in your blood when carbohydrates are being process. So then why would I eat carbohydrates if my body can not process them adequately!

It bamboozles me, if a person is allergic to peanuts they are told to avoid peanuts, if someone has coeliac disease they are told to avoid gluten, so why am I told to still eat carbohydrates?

I understand that carbohydrates are in every food, and it is difficult to remove all carbohydrates from your diet while still able to get all the nutrients your body needs. But that doesn’t mean we need to be eating excessive amounts correct? Apparently not!

I went to my diabetic nurse Tuesday morning feeling really good about my management of my diabetes, my hba1c is down to 46 and I’ve been sitting around 4-6mmoL in my blood glucose range. (I celebrated with some baking and wine). She turned around and told me everything I thought was great wasn’t. A hba1c that low would cause me having low blood sugars more often then I should. She explained that my blood glucose should just be under 10, and that I shouldn’t worry if it sits around the 6mmoL to 10mmoL mark.

I left the nurse will all my new fun gear, and this new knowledge that maybe being so low in my bloods reading wasn’t normal. So the next couple of days I slowly decreased my lantus (24h lasting insulin) to ensure that I would not wake up with low bloods (normally 4.0ish) and spend the day lower then I should be.

The first couple of days I was feeling sluggish, tired constantly, but no mattar what I could not get to sleep at night. I was restless at night and just wanted to sleep all morning. I could not get motivated to study or concentrate on anything and I was becoming quite the bitch to be around. My bloods were sitting higher then normal, around 7.0-9.0, but that was the aim from my nurse so I let it be.

Still confused I have dropped the amount of lantus I am taking 10 units every night. I am sticking to my low carb diet (even though my sister was here on the weekend so we had some ice-cream treats) and doing plenty of exercise, everything the nurse has told me. So why am I still feeling sluggish and bitchy ?

If I was feeling great with blood glucose between 4-6 why can’t I stay with my bloods in that range? The lower your bloods glucose are the faster and easier it is to go into hypoglycaemia. So staying with sugar levels a little higher allows the drop to be slower when it does occur.

Is it okay and healthy for me to stick at a lower range, if I am aware of what symptoms will occur when I go low and treat it early?

Doctors and nurses say one thing, and blogs I read of diabetics say things completely different. Everyones diabetes is different, and I’m still trying to figure out what pathway suits me. All that is clear is that my body can not digest and use glucose efficiently, so I will avoid carbohydrates and feel healthy.

Diabetics do you agree, or am I getting the wrong understanding completely?

Love Always,

Samantha xx


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