Food Is Our Friend, Not Enemy!

So many people look at food as the enemy, constantly having negative thoughts about food and the nutrients that they are putting in their body. Its no wonder that no matter how often people try to diet, or eat healthy, or loose a bit of weight it never works.

Food is what gives our body nutrients to live, breath and move. So why do we let it have such a negative effect on every aspect of our wellbeing. We all do it, I have done it for years and years. When I was trying to eat super clean and not have chocolate I would constantly wish that the lettuce leaf I was putting in my mouth was a block of caramel chocolate, or a kripsy kreme doughnut.

When we start to think about food and what we are going to eat our brain automatically sends us messages about that food, wether it be positive or negative. These messages alert the body about the food we are about to eat. Negative messages are sent around the body that we do not like this food, it is toxic, we don’t want to be eating this food. This message is received in the digestive system, so instead of our digestive system working well and processing all the nutrients in our body, it does the bare minimal and does not function properly. The salad we just forced ourselves to eat to try and be healthy, did not digest optimally and got excreted from our bodies. (Yes either from poos and wees lol, I’m trying to sound a little bit smart)

So, if we think positively about our food what happens? We enjoy the process of eating! We take note of the flavours and smells in our mouth, and we start the digestive process correctly and kick start all our enzymes to process each and every nutrient.

Constantly I would eat a scone, or something ‘bad’ and feel guilty while I was eating it, and guilty for the rest of the day, beating myself up about it. For what? What was the point in even eating the scone if I wasn’t going to enjoy every moment of that buttery savoury scone going in my mouth.

We aren’t perfect, we never will be as humans. We will have cravings and want a scone, or a ice-cream on a hot day. But whose to say we can’t eat it! Why do we let ourselves beat ourselves up and ruin our day because of a little treat. We need to turn our mind frame around and enjoy that one treat, savour every moment, enjoy it and let it fill our body with happiness. It is only when we can change this mind frame that we will stop craving ‘naughty’ food when we shouldn’t, or breaking our healthy eating.

It is what we eat every day that makes a difference, not what we eat on occasion

80/20 is how we need to be thinking, not 100% clean eating all the time. 80% of this week will be spent eating healthy, low carb lifestyle that we usually would eat. And then 20% of our week will be treating ourselves to a glass of wine. Ive already treated myself today to a raw bounty slice while doing some study and MY GOD it was delicious. No guilty feelings during or after, no sluggish afternoon just straight back to my study and then I’m off to beat my dad at the gym.

Go out with the girls this weekend and have a wine and a platter, or a round of golf with the boys and some beers. We need to start living our life in the moment and being happy, not punishing ourselves.

Love Always,

Samantha xx


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