Christmas and New Years holidays are probably the hardest time to be worrying about what food your are putting in your mouth. My family is a big foodie family, our grandad was a cook in his own restaurant that my mum and her sisters all grew up around. Any family get together is a reason for everyone try cooking different things, and eat different things.

I knew this was going to be a hard period to keep on a low carb diet, with christmas breakfast and dinner, new years, my cousins 21st. My family for christmas celebrate with a afternoon of presents and christmas dinner of loads of wine, potato bake, pavlova, chocolate dipped strawberries, ham, the whole she bang. Each family bring their own salads and type of meat to share with everyone else. This year I made our family take low carb options that I could eat.

We made a roast chicken and turkey with two salads; zucchini noodles, tomato, coriander salad and a cauliflower pilaf salad. For dessert we had Berry ‘Ice-cream’ cake. OMG each of theme were so easy to make and so delicious. My family was taunting me because I was missing out on my beloved pavlova, but I honestly didn’t feel like I was missing out.

Surprisingly, that was the easy day of the holidays to get through, mainly because I prepared food that I was able to eat, and my bloods were stable all day. I cannot say the same about Christmas Eve. For some reason my family goes ALL out on Christmas Eve, no presents but plenty and plenty of drinking. My cousin came over and we watched christmas movies while baking cookies for santa and his reindeer. Then we had nibbles in the evening with my parents, sister and her boyfriend. One bottle of wine down, another bottle down, and then out comes the american honey. I was the first one to go to bed, my blood sugars were all over the place and I just needed some sleep.

Other family occasions were not too bad throughout the holiday period. I ate what I could and tried to choose the better options from the array of foods that were offered to us. But I’m not going to starve myself either when going out to eat because there is nothing ‘low carb’ appropriate. From what I have discovered from accidentally missing meals, not eating does my body and my blood sugars a lot worse then having a little bit of carbs if I need to. Plus you need to indulge every now and then, everyone does, so yes I did eat a lemon muffin with lemon icing and OMG it was the best thing to hit my lips in a long time.

Its about living that 80/20 lifestyle because what is the point in life if we can’t be a little bit naughty and splurge on rush munro chocolate boysenberry ripple ice-cream. I can hear some of you sceptics saying “But you a diabetic you shouldn’t be having sugar” I don’t have sugar 80% of the time, but I’m not going to deprive myself.

I eat a low carb diet so that I can control and manage my type 1 diabetes the way I can understand how and minimize my insulin injections. However, I do have insulin, I can take it when I want to be a bit naughty. Don’t worry I am preaching this more to myself then you guys because over the holiday period I just ate the carbs and then worried about injecting once I felt like shit, and bitchy diabetic Sam was around to pump up the party.

It is all a learning curve, I survived my first diabetic christmas and holiday period. Next year I will inject myself before I eat the delicious chocolate cheesecake.

Love Always,

Samantha x





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