Thrush Thrush Thrush

I feel like I’m saying Lord Voldermorts name in a crowded room, and being shunned from hogsmeade for it. Its a forbidden word, the vagina problem that must not be named, however, every women will get thrush at some stage in their life.

Why are we so afraid to talk about it? We talk about ear infections, or that disgusting pimple on our bum we had to get our partners to pop. I hated mentioning anything about thrush when it occurred, and it wasn’t until I mentioned it to some friends that I realised they also have had thrush multiple times.

Lets talk about that fungal infection that occurs in our vagina !!

So yes, it is a fungus that can happen to anyone, at anytime, because of anything. You could have eating too much dairy, periods, the pill, or stress. It can also be caused by sex, perfumed soaps, or wearing tight clothing. Literally anything causes thrush, you cannot avoid it.

Thrush is a imbalance between the fungus in the vagina and is cleaning itself to get back to a normal pH level. The most common symptoms include itching, discomfort sitting or peeing, and discharge.

Turns out I have always had a little bit of thrush, never thought much of the discharge as it would come and go by itself. Type 1 diabetics are prone to getting thrush. When blood glucose levels are high or unmanaged, the glucose gives the fungus something to ‘eat’ and live off them.

So me, just like everyone else, has thrush. But unlike everyone else I have a EXTREME case and it has not gone away for the last three months. (I swear I cannot just catch thrush or anything, it has to be extreme). I have had to throw away black jeans from the discharge going through to the outside of the jeans. I wear a pad everyday when leaving the house, sometimes just while hanging out at the house, and sometimes if I’m going out or somewhere nice I wear a tampon as well to soak up the discharge.

There is a disgusting smell, that even just sitting on my bed with my legs open you can smell it. Its sore, itches, and is uncomfortable sometimes sitting. No matter where I go I constantly am worried about smelling, or having discharge being seen.

I took clamazol, thrush cream, at three separate times now. Its a great smelling cream (jokes, it smells worse then thrush lol) that you insert deep into the vagina for 7 days using a applicator. It still has not gone away.

I finally got the nerve to mention it to some friends, because just like everyone else I thought it was the most disgusting thing and not something to talk about. They all told me they have also had the same symptoms, just not as bad. Thats when I realised how much worse my thrush was, and that it was time to head to the doctor to get it looked at.

Currently I am trialling a different type of thrush cream, cranberry tablets, and a floral women urinary health tablet. Thrush cream was prescribed to me by the doctor, but the supplements I have decided to use myself after doing some research.

Cranberry’s are amazing for the urinary system, they help keep the bad bacteria out and the good bacteria in the kidneys. This is why you are always told to have cranberry juice in you have a UTI.

Other great ways I am learning that help to control thrush are not wearing undies to bed. Your vagina needs air and circulation and pants these days are only getting tighter and tighter. In bed, let it air out. Give it the freedom to breath and it will love you forever.

I am trying to wear tight pants less, and cotton undies less. I am even going commando under my dresses sometimes.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference in how you feel. I would be in tears because of my thrush. It was always there, ruining my jeans, leaving discharge in the sheets, creeping up on me at the worse times. Your vagina is what makes you a women, and mine was not working properly and in a strange way it made me feel like i was not fully a women.

Us as women need to be able to talk about these things before they do get to bad, and support each other.

Yes, my thrush is still here and kicking but I am feeling better about it and more in control. I have two more days of this new thrush cream and still taking my supplements. Look out in a few weeks on wether I have finally kicked thrush for this month or not. (fingers crossed)

Love Always,

Samantha x


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