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Strict But Not Obsessive

Weight is such a hard topic to talk about. No one is really happy with their weight, whether they are super skinny or curvy. People are constantly judging each other on their weight and the media isn’t helping the situation. Everyone should be happy with themselves and that is all that should matter, not the strangers that are judging you.

Easier said then done. I’ve been there (still am there). I put on the typical ‘fresher 15’ and went up 2 clothing sizes. Too bad I did not realize that at the time and have pictures of a larger me trying to fit into a size 8 dress. (What was I thinking lol)

Moving into a flat the weight went off, probably due to only being able to afford Mi Goreng noodles and eggs. But, it went away and I was happy. Eating, what I could afford, and drinking 4 nights a week. God those were the days.

A main sign of diabetes mellitus is rapid weight loss. Like all girls after the end of a relationship I thought “I’m going to eat better and go to the gym and get super sexy so he will regret ending it with me”. I started going to the gym every day and eating healthy, cutting the Mc Donalds and Lift + I was having daily.

I was noticing weight come off, and abs popping WOO!! I dropped down to 55kgs, people were worried but I was thinking how good I looked. I got obsessed with the food I put in myself, and would freak out if I even gained 500grams during the day. I was weighing myself constantly, and I wasn’t healthy.

Skip forward about a year and a half now and I have put back on the weight I lost sitting around 65-68 depending on the day and what I have eaten. Too be honest I am petrified about it. I love having a bum and boobs again, I’m like a kardashian with this booty! Other days all I can think about is the number I am seeing on the scales.

Diabetes is the reason I lost weight and kept it off. Now my body is healthy again and back to healthy, normal weight for who I am and my structure. I need to keep remembering this on the days that I am upset for being ‘bigger then before’.

I know am strict on what I eat, because of the diabetes, but that is only 80% of the time. 20% of my week I naughty, having a delicious Kapiti sorbet ice-cream, or salted caramel dark chocolate (drool). Still keeping an eye on my weight but not being obsessed with the number, and using it as a way for my body to talk to me about my eating and exercise that week. Obssesion only got me unhappy and unhealthy.

Weight is always going to be a struggle for anyone no matter if they are skinny, muscley, or curvy. Men and women need to feel comfortable in their body, happy with themselves, and healthy, not worry about a number on a scale of comparing themselves to someone else whose body has total different needs.

Be Happy, Be Confident, Be Healthy!

Love Always,



3 thoughts on “Strict But Not Obsessive”

  1. I can relate to the scale obsession. I weighed myself several times a day and it had the power to make or break my mood, because I let it. One day the battery on my scales died so I waited three months before replacing it. I was disgusted to find that I had gained about 10 kgs, but the reality was I was still eating well, exercising and I still felt good so now I try to focus on the non scale victories. I still weigh myself every morning, because I’m scared if I don’t that I’ll gain too much again, but I don’t let myself step on it any other time of the day and I think that’s a good start. But you are so right, we should love the body we have!


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