I’m Crazy !

You mention that you are going to see a psychiatrist and you can see the judgment in people’s faces.

Youth with diabetes get a wide range of free services through Diabetes NZ including a psychiatrist. I will admit, I had the same thoughts at first as everyone else. Why would I need to see her? This appointment would be pointless.

Boy, was I wrong! She changed my whole perspective on living with diabetes.

The past 2 weeks I have been getting slowly and slowly more upset, some days I would not want to get out of bed and cry for no reason.

Diabetes should not change how you live you life

I had given up the fun I had in my life, including enjoying a glass of wine and cheese and socialising with friends. To me it was easier to stay home then put myself into a situation of being the bore and not be able to do or eat anything.

What did I gain from giving up things I found enjoyable in life? Talking to her I figured that I did nothing it my life for fun or just for me. I was letting the diabetes determine my life and takeover.

I’m completely lost and feel like I have no meaning or purpose with my day.

Talking to her helped change my view on diabetes, and not allowing it to determine who I am. I have three tasks to do to help with this

  1. Start taking my bloods in front of friends and not being ashamed of it
  2. Getting out of bed every morning. Even if it’s to move to the couch!
  3. Making a weekly schedule with times I need to study and go to the gym etc.

So, I’m off to buy a super cute weekly planner from Kikki K, and taking my glucose monitor with me.

Love Always,



3 thoughts on “I’m Crazy !”

  1. It’s crazy how things can take over without our even realizing. I’m pleased you were offered some help and that you took it, in the long term it will do wonders ☺

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