What A Week

It was a sunny day, not a single cloud in the sky. Just kidding, but I feel like I should start this blog post of with some sort of dramatic story. Setting the scene where we go through ups and downs together, and then a miracle happens and we come out happy. However unfortunately this week just seemed to be a lot of downs and no fairy godmother to give me amazing new shoes and free me from everything so I can enjoy a happy ever after (well my mother did buy me a new skirt so maybe she is my fairy godmother). So instead I ran away to Napier to get some vital vitamin D and much needed love from my parents and family.

It all started with spending Sunday in the emergency department with a splitting headache, blurred vision and numbness in my arm. After waiting hours and hours they decided it was a bad migraine and rest will be the best option, with a MRI scan booked in the next couple of weeks.

After driving to the pharmacy, who now know me by name, I parked too close to the curb and pulled the bumper off my partner’s new BMW. Thank god I was not feeling well so he couldn’t get too upset at me.

Sunday night was spent re-evaluating my situation and how I was spending my life; work, study and trying to understand diabetes. After lots of cups of tea and a lot of pro and con lists I came to a conclusion. I would quit my job. The doctors had been advising me for a few weeks to think about this decision, but I had quietly chosen to ignore them. I love my job, I love the atmosphere and the people I work with.

I was denying for weeks that the hours (5pm-4am) were affecting my blood sugars, my rest, and my overall wellbeing. I spent the days in bed feeling unwell with no energy or motivation to move until 30 minutes before starting work again to quickly have a protein shake but some makeup on and head to work again.

It was unhealthy in every aspect for my body. I felt like I was trapped between wanting to earn money and afford the lifestyle I was living, and looking out for my health and wellbeing.

Since quitting there has been many times where I have almost texted my boss regretting my decision and asking them to take me back, but my partner and parents keep reminding me why I quit in the first place and the most important aspect at the moment is keeping myself healthy and happy.

What is the point in earning money if I’m not going to be healthy and happy enough to enjoy life or spend time with the people I love.

It has been a crazy week of emotions, but it was nothing that good Hawkes Bay sun, the beach, and being around family couldn’t help with. Its a new week, a new day, and a new opportunity to understand Type1 diabetes and living like a poor student again.

Love Always,



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