I Just Want To Eat

It’s 3 in the afternoon and you’re feeling a little sluggish and need a wee pick me up. You reach for a bliss ball, an apple, or if you’re feeling naughty a tim tam (or five). After having a sugar hit it is back to work.

It’s 3 in the afternoon for myself, I can’t concentrate on my study anymore and all I can think about is how delicious honey roasted nuts would taste. Instead I reach for my glucose monitor, prick my finger and squeeze some blood out to test.

Surprise surprise my glucose levels are high. Instead of reaching for that crunchy cold apple I grab my insulin pen and stab my stomach with enough insulin to bring my sugars back down.

Currently this situation happens every time I’m hungry. Not only do I have to check my bloods every two hours and stab myself but I get to do it every time I want to eat something. Why? Because carbohydrates spike glucose levels in the body. Too much protein can also have an increase on glucose levels.

Yay, finally dinner time. I wish it was yay. Instead of just whipping together a quick salad or steak, veggies and mash, I am now measuring everything I eat, including how much oil goes into the pan, to make sure I know exactly how many carbs I need to calculate for my insulin injection. And even then, I don’t want excess insulin after I have eaten so I must eat MY WHOLE DINNER even if I am full. So yes, yay I finally get to have dinner (which tonight is portobello mushrooms and cauliflower mash for meat free Monday) but give me 2 hours before I can actually eat it.

Love Always,



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