Trying To Erase The “Good Stuff”

I have always had multiple health problems; drinking loads of water (5-6l a day), heavy and painful periods, and bad circulation to name a few. However I never got these checked, I fixed them naturally for a short period of time and hoped for the best.

My partner was sick of the PMS and convinced me to go to the doctors finally. They tested me for everything from PCOS to Thyroid problems. Diabetes was tested but was “the very last illness i would have”.

Two days later I am being rushed into hospital with high blood sugars (150HbA1c) and high ketone levels. The next day I was given a short course into dealing with diabetes, counting carbohydrates, stabbing yourself with a needle multiple times a day, and giving up all things good in life as I knew it.

As you can see I left the hospital in a huge shock not knowing wether to drown my sorrows in chocolate and wine or pretend nothing had happened.

1 month later I am still trying to figure out what is going on (Too many days has there been chocolate to try and help). I am slowly starting to understand and realize the big change it is going to be, but from here on out I am going to deal with the diabetes rather then curl into bed with peanut m&m’s and a caramel self saucing pudding.

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Trying To Erase The “Good Stuff””

  1. So pleased you are dealing with this ‘problem’. We know you can do it – and you will be better than ever before. Your blogs are very interesting. Keep them going. Luv you x

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